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  1. It kind of sounds like a keloid. My sister has a big keloid on her chest due to her body acne and it sounds like what you're describing. It's still there after her skin cleared up! Try not to touch it anymore or the irritation will make the keloid bigger and more irritated. From what her dermatologist told her, keloids are tricky little skin growths caused by any type of injury (this can be from acne) and the uncontrolled cell growth of the healing skin. This causes the skin to grow inward
  2. I experienced the same type of treatment you described when I was on my HMO insurance. However, since I've switched to a PPO insurance, I think the new doctors I have have been nicer. Of course, changing doctors imply that I'll probably get someone with a totally different (nicer) personality--but PPO doctors do receive more money from their patients. My family and I have been observing different treatment from our doctors since the insurance change--most of them only accept PPO insurance,
  3. This is what I would do if I'm feeling passive-aggressive. But since I'm not usually a passive-aggressive person, I would straight up tell him that I don't appreciate him commenting on my skin. I think sometimes people can be so oblivious about their social awareness that it gets to be a huge problem; especially since you're working with this guy! Plus, look into the future:(1) you're only working with him during the summer (I'm just assuming this), (2) you guys are probably in the same sci
  4. Hello! I get microdermabrasion treatments every month since I've developed non-inflamed acne. However, this is under the supervision of an esthetician, not a dermatologist, so the treatment might be lighter. My esthetician usually extracts the whiteheads on my face, use the microdermabrasion machine, and apply a soothing mask. The treatment does pretty well exfoliating and reducing scars on my face. The only drawback to the procedure is that it stings!!! The first few taps on your forehe
  5. Hello! I tried this approach when I first noticed my non-inflamed acne. At first, the whiteheads were isolated to just my cheeks area and I ignored it, but they spread all the way onto my jawline (and hairline) within a month or two. I reverted back to my skincare regimen before the whiteheads and nothing helped. After 3 months with congested skin, my visit to the dermatologist cleared everything up. When I tried getting a facial before seeing the dermatologist, the esthetician informed m
  6. Hello! I used to use the St. Ives Apricot Scrub until my skin became congested with whiteheads. It didn't help the whiteheads one bit and I felt that the granules were too large and scratchy for my face. Currently, I use Laneige's Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel for all skin types. It smells pretty good and it hasn't irritated my normal/combination skin. The granules are very, very, fine and you just spread the scrub over moist skin. I use gentle circular motions to utilize the granules an