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  1. I am currently on my 2nd month and 2 weeks exactly today. History: Took accutane last year, cleared up beautifully, 6 months later acne gradually came back. Suffering moderate persistent acne. Now on Dan's regimen after some research on the web. So I will summarize what has happened in the last 2 months and 1/2. The first week - second week I was clearing and it was surprising that it was working so fast. Once I hit the 3rd week I began breaking out. Then from then on the breakouts got
  2. HEY GUYS BIIIIIGGG NEWS sorry to disappoint and discourage to some but I QUIT my face literally is 10x worse than when i started, i am still breaking out, and my skin is just not what i used to see you know BP is just not my miracle product and i know that it may have been a lot of other peoples but not for me :/ haha but its ok i will just start washing twice a day with a gently cleanser and use aha once a night i will update you guys if my skin dramatically gets better because i know it wil
  3. still breaking out... i'm thinking about quitting all together anyone else have negative experiences with the bp? I'm just not sure if it's just not going to work for me at all. thanks let me know i have a big decision to make.
  4. vegasgirl

    about 3 months and 2 weeks in

    Definitely agree! I stopped tonight, I am now only using a gentle cleanser and aha at night and the thing is i have so much worse acne now because of BP seriously BP is not for everyone. BUT I know it may be a miracle product to others... I will try the aha only at night now I know that by discontinuing bp my face will go back to normal thank goodness this was seriously 3 months of torture
  5. Day 86?... I THINK haha WELLL I just have been busy settling into my dorm and what not.. btw the campus is great but super big! I'm always lost lol or exhausted from the crazy walking. anyways things have been getting better actually less cysts less break outs i have been just getting nodules/pustules lately no huge cysts and my face hurts way less and less itchy! soo that's great. I have finally accepted the state of my skin and I am not so worked up about going out and stuff anymore ... I
  6. DAY 76 soo things are the same like i would like to think i'm improving from purging all over my cheeks but who knows! time will tell on a brighter note i bought a new juicy couture bag and some black toms wee! hope the regimen is working for everyone!
  7. vegasgirl

    Allergic Reaction? IS THIS NORMAL?

    i think you are definitely allergic i would discontinue use! if your swelling you are allergic!
  8. vegasgirl

    My little regimen blog (:

    hang in there girl! i'm glad it actually is working for you though! But for as far as the breakout goes.. you never know it could have not been preventable maybe it was going to come at some point because it is kind of a roller coaster ride in the first few months.. but anyways keep pushing on and it's hard but we just got to keep pushing these beginning months I know it always helps to have other people supporting and who's going through the same thing but yeah i am still breaking out and no
  9. vegasgirl

    My journey with pictures :)

    awesome progress! i'm almost at 3 months not 2 more weeks haha but i am still breaking out it's so annoying! hopefully the 3 month mark is where i'll see some changes
  10. DAY 74 xjessaminx: yes we just need to get over the break out phase already haha patience is so hard sometimes! and I have total faith in the regimen I just cannot stand the purging phases I go with these products. I wish I was one of those people who just began to heal from like week 3 wahh but yeah same deal nothing new to report really. I wanted to ask regimen users a question though: do you think it is better just to leave your face and not drain pimples? Do you think it is better t
  11. DAY 73 Here I'll put the day I'm on now so it' clearer to more people how I'm progressing haha. Well it's been 10 weeks and 3 days, so almost 3 months but not quite. Same deal, I'm still breaking out (much less though) but at the same time my overall complexion looks smoother, everything seems to be healing faster. My problem areas are still mainly the sides of my cheeks but just trying really hard to have faith in the regimen and push on. The similarities between accutane are so insane!
  12. the sides of my cheeks seem to be healing but the sides of the apples of my cheeks are kind of breaking out a little. hanging in! it's like i'm progressing while i break out a little if that makes any sense lol. hopefully college will keep me so occupied i won't even have time to worry about my acne!
  13. still breaking out a little but a lot less and a lot less painful skin looks clearer though my forehead, tzone, back, and chest are pretty much clear just waiting on those cheeks haha feeling happier about the regimen i'll keep you guys posted.
  14. vegasgirl

    how do you know if you're allergic to bp?

    thank you guys all so much for the input! Im happy to tell you guys my breakouts decreased significantly and I only have a couple active finally! Hope it's a clear road from here on out!
  15. I started a regimen log stating how I'm still breaking out in cysts when I never get cysts when I am 2 months and 2 weeks into the regimen using the full amount of bp. Someone said I might be having adverse reactions to the bp and i might be allergic. I don't swell or anything but I am still breaking out and my face looks SO much worse than when I started 2 and 1/2 months ago with moderate acne. I get painful, deep cysts now when I never got these types of bumps all over the sides of my chee
  16. Yeah good idea I'll use it 3 times a week and then every other day. But today I woke up my face is smoother less actives LESS CYSTS thank goodness it's more like regular pimples now thank goodness at least i can handle the regular pimples but cysts are just like unmanageable deep pits of death. So less breaking out. I just need to heal from the past 2 months of breakouts and the scabs/redmarks that were left. Finally healing It's comforting to know that even though I'm breaking out and wha
  17. xjessaminx: yay! I'm glad your clearing up. I'm actually finally not breaking out as much .. I think it's slowly kicking in now! Just need to get rid of current actives/red marks but my hope is coming back I started the AHA last night and i pretty much love it it makes my skin so smooth... I'm going to use it every night.. maybe that's too much ? Not sure but I'm really loving the aha.
  18. exactly what i was thinking sunnimarie! but call me crazy but today i feel like things were better with my skin! like lately i haven't been getting anymore cysts which is such a blessing literally lol and all the cysts i had are gone now and some are just dying off and they go away faster now but a couple weeks ago it was just cyst after cysts and they wouldn't go away like i would drain them and they would just reappear the next day it was so terrible. I have been good about using the full do
  19. thanks c'est la vigne! and yes i am using dan's products except i just recently switched moisturizers to neutrogena's oil free sensitive skin moisturizer just because i've always used it with no problems and i hated dan's moisturizer after 2 months of faithfully using it. it felt tacky and it just didn't feel right but i use his cleanser, bp, aha. Oh btw just to share some positive feed back i have been using dan's aha on my chest/back for really mild acne and i'm basically almost 90% clear wi
  20. vegasgirl

    how do you know if you're allergic to bp?

    well i never got cysts but they take a little longer than my pimples to go away but my problem is once they heal new cysts form near it! and it's just like a never ending process -___- i just keep breaking out lately and its no fun.
  21. oops i accidentally added a new post meaning to add a reply but i don't know how to delete a post.. anyone know? lol anyways, i am still breaking out like usual. Getting discouraged, nothing new really. hopefully this phase goes away soon because i am seriously fed up with these painful/itchy bumps!
  22. so i'm still breaking out... hmm getting discouraged once again but hopefully it just means i'm purging ... nothing new to report really
  23. vegasgirl

    how do you know if you're allergic to bp?

    i havent tried the aha into my regimen because i thought it be easier and simpler if i just kept in cleanse, bp, and moisturize but you are right we do purge at different times but wow this completely sucks because im going off to college in about 2 weeks and im going to look like a hormonal teenager all over again haha but how long was your initial breakout phase?
  24. vegasgirl

    how do you know if you're allergic to bp?

    i am using all of dan's products but i JUST switched to cetaphil's ultra hydrating moisturizer because i thought i was breaking out because of dan's moisturizer and it wasn't even moisturizing enough.
  25. How do I know for sure if I'm indeed allergic to benzoyl peroxide? It's not like I swell or anything... hmm do you think I am really allergic to it? I thought I was simply just purging like crazy.