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  1. leave it on the face for 15 min, rinse without rubbing (not to irritate). Some people also add jojoba oil. I guess I would too if I had it. Use spf afterwards cause it has salicylic acid. If you are interested check out the link: http://thegreenbeautyguide.com/?p=93

    oh, and I suggest doing a patch test first to make sure you are not allergic to it or something. Good luck:)

  2. I recommend reading the reviews on acne.org first.

    What I do: (usually, now I'm recovering from TCA:), so I have a break from the mask, I'll definitely get back to it asap though. I use it twice a week (some people more often, but be cereful cause it dries out the skin, moisturiser is a must). My recipe: 3 uncoated aspirin tablets, 1 spoon of organic honey, a few drops of water,

  3. Hey! Thanks a lot for your comment!! That's cool u liked my little list! :)....my skin isn't as oily as it once was, but it gets a bit shiny during the course of the day. I'm interested in doing aspirin masks....how do you do them? How often? any advice? I'd like to try it out. :)

  4. continuation of the previous comment:) - ...a week. plus moisturising a lot, especially after the masks, as they may make your skin dry and then it might start overcompensating with oil again. x

  5. hey, I checked your profile cause I really liked the list of the things you love:) I saw in one of your old posts that you had problems with oily skin. I don't know if you still have that problem. I used to have that too, plus breakouts. Now I just have scars to deal with. Anyway, I just want to share what helped with my oily skin: no dairy and sugar!, low gi diet, aspirin masks! twice

  6. for those interested in tca and its side effects, etc. my red spots and general pinkness is a lot better. I didn't go to the derm. I've been keeping my face moist (using cetaphil moisturizer) for the last 2 days. 1 red spot (about 2 cm in diameter) still reddish but not itchy anymore. the rest of the face pinkish and sensitive but nothing drastic. I think I still must be careful for quite a lot of time. I also want to add that I try to keep a strict diet/sleep regimen, i.e. the most important p
  7. thanks. the breaks between the peels where the derm's decision. the strenght as well. and I can actually see quite an improvement in the atrophic scarring. I just don't want to deal with another problem. though, I know it's always the risk. I guess I'll just visit the derm after the weekend.
  8. I had my third 35% TCA peel performed by a dermatologist on 01.02.2010 (to reduce atrophic scarring). The earlier ones were in November and at the beginning of September. The first two times I heeled without any problems. Now I'm almost peeled (it's the sixth day after the application) and I have some big red itchy spots in some places and generally I'm more pink than before. I did not help it peel. The red places were already red under the thight brown skin before it peeled (I could see it unde
  9. I have a very difficult family situation, which has been going for ever. When I was 12/13 I started getting acne. When I was about 20 some personal problem appeared (plus still fighting with acne). That's when depression hit me. When I started getting acne scars too my depression got severe. Now, I'm 26, diet has helped me a lot with my acne but I still have the scars and other problems. So I'm on anti-depressants right now. I can feel they're working (I can sleep for example and I don't feel an
  10. So sad to hear this! I don't know if it's the right thing to say now, prabably nothing is, but I just want to wish all the best for the family and friends. Hugs.
  11. thanks y'all for the support! actually, it's not the first time my skin affects others negatively, not just me. I promise myself of course this is the last time..hope I'll stick to that. I do realize it's a lot about my attitude and that some people just really don't care/mind. but when it's bad I sometimes wish there was a village where only people with bad skin would live and we would all hang out ...not stressing out. that would be great.
  12. thanks for the support/advice guys! we don't stay in touch anymore. we were never close friends. we liked each other but didn't have much in common. we live in different cities right now. I'm back in my hometown for some time now. apparently she is back as well. It would be strange to text her or something to explain why I acted the way I did, especially that I probably wouldn't have enough courage to tell her the truth. it would be awkward. I'm sure she felt offended yesterday, even thogh we we