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  1. Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows why spironolactone would stop working? After taking it for about a month I saw a HUGE decrease in my oil production. Then about 2 weeks later, for some unknown reason, I am back to my initial oil production. I am on the same does (100mg a day). Can anyone think of a reason why this would happen?
  2. What is quinderm? Ok thank god it isnt only me lol. Have you heard of anyone getting more oily on retin a micro??
  3. Day 41 My blackheads are darker and there are more of them. I think differin is making my skin so oily that its actually making the blackheads worse rather than better. Going to stop differin and use retin-a micro or whatever else my doctor prescribes
  4. I want to ask to see if anyone else had this problem, my blackheads have been progressively getting worse over the last 4 weeks and I originally thought it was just the purging period, but they seem to be getting bigger and darker over time and not getting better at all. I dont know when to decide that it is actually just doing me harm rather than going to help sometime in the future. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I just stop using it? I think its making my blackheads worse because
  5. Hey! Did you ever try the pore strips?

  6. I found that it worked better after the shower but I guess if you use sunscreen you cant do that. I really should be using it to because of the differin... Well recently I found that it works best the second time around so once it stops working in the morning, I blot my face then put it on again with the monistat antichafing jel on top. Its kept me matt for about 4 hours which is ridiculously good since my skin has been pretty awful ever since I stopped diane and started differin. Trying milk
  7. Hey tommy, I looked it up and I think I'll give it a try, there are some really good reviews. Thanks for replying! Hopefully it will help, I heard its actually good for acne too which would be a plus.
  8. Found a way to make it work a LOT better. I used it once right after I got out of the shower and patted my face dry so it was still a little moist. It worked a lot longer than before.
  9. you too! Good to hear the cream is less irritating. I think the gel isnt irritating me because I went through the initial irritation period already with the cream so Im gonna stick with the gel. It seems to be helping with oil
  10. yeah seriously, nicely put aLeXeLa. I think this is a good thread, Id like to hear what people have to say.
  11. Sorry I just realized you said you couldn't take it, I guess it makes sense since it would block male hormones. Have you ever tried megadosing on B5? Im a little scared of it but I hear it can really help.
  12. By the way if your face is getting red jojoa oil really helped me. I put a drop in my moisterizer at night and my face hasnt been peeling or red since. Its wonderful Also I switched to the gel to see if it helps. Hopefully the cream works for you, its supposed to be way less irritating.
  13. day 31 So I just switched to the gel version of differin, hopefully that will help with the stupid increase of sebum caused by the cream differin. Other than that my face is pimple free, no difference in blackheads though. Going to keep going and try pore strips to see if that helps (thanks!)