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  1. That happened to me in my 5th month to 6 month of my accutane course. Drink a lot of water and try to stay in the shade if there's sun. It's just a phase that will pass by. I use Avene thermal spray on my face if it gets bad.
  2. I use the Ceptahil oily cleanser and Cetaphil moisturizing lotion while on accutane. I've used it before accutane and I dont have a bad reaction from it. Some ppl actually break out more from it, but in my experience, I like it a lot and think it's safe to use since I never reacted bad to it.
  3. Opt to shaving it instead of waxing. I know it grows back fast, but take the razor with you on your vacay? Shave it when you're in the washroom or something lol or during a shower
  4. Personally, I wouldn't do any surgery during accutane and I agree with oli girl's post. ****Speak to a dermatologist and surgeon.**** You would probably have to either discontinue accutane or postpone your surgery.
  5. It'll depend on your skin type. Are you oily, dry, sensitive, or combination? I use Cetaphil oily cleanser and Spectro Jel for acne prone skin. I have oily skin and sensitive and those haven't irritated me. The Ceptahil oily cleanser takes off makeup whereas the Spectro Jel doesn't so I alternate. DON'T use anything with medicating ingredients like salicylic acid.
  6. Yeah that's fine. Just as long as you have food in your stomach before taking it. In my opinion, anything after 6 hours should be okay.
  7. Are there people that use retin-a after accutane? How long did you wait after accutane before using it? Was there any adverse effects? I'd hate to go through some sort of purging phase after spending 6 months on accutane!
  8. I'm on my 6 month with 50mg. I have extremely dry eyes. What do you use? I wear contacts when I go out and glasses when I am at home. I heard Systane and/or Refresh drops were good? Let me know! Thanks.
  9. They look like indented scars? Those will take a while to go away. My boyfriend has those and he's been off accutane for a few months and being using prescription cream but it isn't really working. My derma told me that the scars that are flat like the ones I have will fade on their own, but the ones that are indented will take a while. So, I don't think yours will go away this month. It will take longer. I haven't tried anything for scars yet so I can't recommend anything. Perhaps ask your derm
  10. Don't worry about it. My dermatologist is basically booked up all the time. I was out of pills and I called last minute. I didn't get an appointment for 2 weeks so 3 days is nothing to worry about. I told my dermatologist I haven't taken it for 2 weeks when I went in for my appointment and he said it'd be fine.
  11. Dry eyes are a common side effect. It isn't anything severe to worry about. Just use some eye drops. I have dry eyes and it's even worst because I wear contacts, but I have a month left so I will stick through this. It is the cumulative effect of taking the accutane that makes it work.
  12. I think you should finish the full course. Another 8 days of accutane won't hurt. It may or may not make a difference, but its probably better to finish.
  13. The red and blue light is that little wand right? That's suppose to treat acne? If you are taking accutane, I don't think you should use anything else. Accutane needs to be able to work it's magic without any interference. This is my 2nd time on accutane and I have no regrets. It's really worth it if you stick through it. I did lasers, light, peels, dermabrasions, antibiotics, topics... the whole nine yards... nothing else really worked.
  14. No need to worry. I miss it sometimes because I get home sooo lateee and completely forget. Don't try to make up for the missed dose. Take your pills like you would any other day. I usually take both my 40mg and 10mg at night.
  15. No. Blackheads were not a great concern when I relapsed. My acne was my main concern. I'd have the typical blackhead that everyone usually gets. I usually use some biore stripe to get them out if they wanted to come out lol. My blackheads were A LOT only when I am on accutane, but they are just getting pushed out. Just make sure you don't get them clogged because that's basically how blackheads form.