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  1. I know a few donnellys haha I was in Killarney not so long ago its right next to where I live. Small world
  2. At least switch to goats milk, way healthier! In so many ways
  3. Oh i think urine therapy works too! But whats the diff about drinkin what come out of a cows udder??
  4. Well most humans drink cows milk. I fail to see how its much different
  5. I never propsed a simple fix!! I never said there was one gene that affects acne. I actually later say that if we could change one of many possibilities it might make a difference. Besides I posted before I thought. This is way to morally unethical. Thank you marrakech thats really interesting
  6. They really dont make a difference. But I know how you feel. I presume you have dismissed laser treatment?? If so a couple of home treatments that helped me were lemon juice topically. Drinking lemon juice. Aloe vera juice topically. And don't forget your smile will take away from the scars
  7. organic milk isnt going to make a jot of difference dude
  8. I'm with you on this one. If there were some definitiveness to the healing effects of drinking my own pee I'd probably be up for it, but I think everyone is different. I'm really hoping I'm different. More power to those trying. read this he is world renowned Visit My Website
  9. To be honest ... I DID IT (no sarcasm!) ... 2-3 times, and it didn't do anything. Not worth it. Ok who wants a kiss now? Il take that kiss Brush your teeth first?? BTW Urine is 99% water. When pure. Imthorpedo no offense but broaden your mind. And why would Dan advocate this when he isnt a learned medical professional?? tell me this have you tried it?? The Op is trying to help his acne because he obviously like all of us hates it so dont knock him. I tried it before a
  10. Right well, I believe that fruits provide great sources of vitamins and minerals. There is no point comparing fruits to Coke. It has more fructose sure. Coke has more sucrose c'mon databased your better than that Other than that your argument makes complete sense. And bdonpowerlifter that is too much fruit. 2 or 3 is optimum but TBH there is much worse you can be doing.
  11. My friend you are sorely mistaken
  12. Not a bother!! Visit My Website Its number 6. besides its been used dating back to the Romans. And You only joined like a month ago so how would you know its not on this site because it most definitely is
  13. Ah dude leave him alone!! Besides if you google it you will actually see that it does involve drinking your own urine, amongst many other things
  14. Not all fruits are low GI. Some are high GI. Thats mainly dried fruit. watermelon and melon. Thats all. There is sooo many types of fruits these are only some. besides thats why i said eat with a fat or protein source.
  15. Well Ok canola oil isnt healthy at all, i mean not even close. Walnuts are a known allergen in nuts are you allergic?? And what ingredients are in your fish oil??
  16. Well that article said it was LIKELY they were vegetarian. Besides Vegetable have the most complete form of protein in broccolli and spirulina it just comes in such small amounts we would have to eat so much to balance it out with meat. Please will everyone go to greensmoothiegirl.com, its not what you think just about green smoothies but she has an amazing knowledge of health and very interesting facts and videos and gorgeous recipes. I just bought an organic vegan protein powder made of
  17. True its a bit much carbs!! But if you look at it its all wholegrains. Besides there are only unhealthy if you cant tolerate them well I eat 100% non proccessed wholegrains everyday (not a lot) and I find them perfectly healthy. People avoid them because of candida or a sensitvity. Otherwise they are fine. Besides that food pyramid is way better than the normal one. EDIT:Actually scrap that i see they only have red meat once a month and meat and fish once a week Otherwise its fine just not t
  18. Jay326 is dead right!! Only you and you alone By the way bear in mind that steaming is counted as a wash and never overwash your skin. So if you steam make sure its with a wash. Sometimes less is more you know.