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  1. Avoid dairy, vegetable oils, suar/refined carbs and drink 3 litres of water a day!
  2. Dont dismiss other people's ideas or beliefs because its not what you are used to. Open your mind and broaden your horizons
  3. Agreed. On all points. Open your mind I agree with the OP and how do you know what the other people know??(gMarias) I agree on all points too, with the OP
  4. This thread got DERAILED, dotty was only making a point that it is hard to avoid gluten and that people should watch out for it in foods you wouldnt think should have it. Not arguing with anyone just making a statement, I agree that society today is all about convenience and dont take these things into account which can have a big effect on health.
  5. Comparing talking to your crush like jumping out of a plane. Thats a fair comparison
  6. I disagree I eat fillet steak, venison and kangaroo all grilled until rare even bleu and the taste is amazing. Only stew it if you dont like blood. Which by the way is stupid because your eating an animal with blood anyway whats the difference
  7. You know it iinda raises your testoserone and the zinc loss in the sperm if you do it regularly twice a week should be fine!! Its all about control besides you will enjoy it more if you hold out
  8. Yeah dotty seriously I know you cant eat wheat but t hat doesnt mean it doesnt belong in our diet.
  9. Ok Dotty I toast whole cumin, coriander, mustard and fennel seeds for like 30 seconds or until they change a few shades of colour. I pour them into pestle and mortar and grind them until they are ground. I saute onions on a low/ medium heat with a tiny bit of coconut oil for ten minutes, then add in thin slivers of one clove of garlic for a further 4 minutes. I turn the heat up and add about 100 mls of water and a 100 mls of coconut oil. I then add the ground spices, turmeric, coriander leafs. W
  10. Thats true actually I only have it like twice a week tho with coconut milk and still have the oil. I save the coconut milk for curries and other dishes too:D
  11. I find the sum a fantastic healing source. besides it is far healthier to not wear sunscreen as you also block the vitamin d which helps prevent the uv rays cancer. So you have prob more chance wearing sun block, but the industry dont want you to know that.
  12. You know what dude beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You might be ugly to her but gorgeous to someone else. Ive personaly been called ugly aswell a number of times, saying that another person mightn't feel the same its not like there is an international code of how good looking you are. You know what dude beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You might be ugly to her but gorgeous to someone else. Ive personaly been called ugly aswell a number of times, saying that another person mightn't
  13. IM going to London soon I might see you Where in London??
  14. No please dont i think a description is enogh pics arent going to help. you wont get the texture or anything.
  15. The one rule of green smoothies is nice and simple. Mine has an apple blueberries 2 handfuls of kale turmeric. It so nice. I sometimes have it with coconut milk. Btw i have a tablespoon of coconut oil with this just straight frommthe jar because the fat helps absorb the nutrients this is important
  16. Neither! I mean foods with a good zinc source lk pumpkin seeds, whole grains, chicken and red meat
  17. Your skin actually looks really nice. Granted you have spots but its not even nearly inflamed or scarred! You have a very nice even skin tone and your eyes are amazing. You have a boyfriend who loves you and trust me, you wont know what you untill its gone. C'mon, were being silly arent we
  18. I think that guy was just a real idiot rather than your looks. I hope everything works out for you
  19. Very good post! Its great to get an indication on how we are doing on being healthy. Im quite pleased. But I would love a magenta stool, that sounds amazing
  20. All of the above mean bad things Is there any stool that is good?? Mine is logs that sink with a natural brown colour that i go twice a day That good??
  21. You probably not getting enough minerals like zinc or selenium or antioxidants, its what helas skin
  22. Just look in the mirror and youll see your beautiful. Instead on focusing on the bad things focus in the good things
  23. yeah raw cocoa powder banana avocado blended with something to sweeten like dates or stevia. Gorgeous