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  1. It says in the original post that not to mix fruits with stuff like broccoli, is it ok?? Thanks again, your amazing??
  2. You know what you should buy, Almond butter, WOW
  3. Yeah so why cant I say anything, but you can say our beleifs shouldnt of been mentioned?? Im not trying to change anyones mind because I respect everyones decision to believe what they want, its only fair. But you say you dont believe in God? How can you think God is genocidal if you dont believe in him, hmm?? Also did I mention that I was offended? Because I didn't, Im saying stop being so blunt when it comes to touchy subjects. I don't wat to fight with anyone but just because you say dont ta
  4. Ive never tried stevia since I live in Ireland and its not available here!! But eh any health food store should carry it
  5. Ok Gmarias Im sorry but your giving out to us for saying why cant prople accept our beliefs and then you go around saying stuff like God is genocidal, selfish hypocrite. Give me proof how God works? If you are going to say stuff like look at all the people he has killed and all the hurt in the world, Il give you two things to think about. First humanity has screamed for independance and when God has given it to us we curse him for not stopping our decisions and altering them. Second, imagine yo
  6. Gmarias I resent that I stole it off the raw food network haha! Btw I used xylitol and its not great for you. Its chemically altered and Id say be as bad for you as sugar, it mighnt have the same effect on blood sugar but is really processed and highly refined. The best sweeteners would be stuff like dates then stevia both are really good for you.
  7. Avocado, a banana, cacao with any sweetener you want blended together to make a chocolate pudding its lovely
  8. google and search the ingredients in their bread its not great
  9. What ABG has just said is what I have been trying to say to you all along this is a board that helps deal with acne and if God helps some of us then why not be allowed.
  10. I love coconut oil as well. It's versatile. Though, it does not help against acne. It has healthy fats which you need. Its amazing to fight acne
  11. O.O No, actually I haven't heard. I don't watch much television and we don't get a newspaper. Most reported news is depressing and I already know how much the world sucks. I guess I don't need a reminder from all of these media sources. Horrible, horrible stuff. Also happening in the netherlands at the moment. It started with 1. But now hunderts of people reported abuse... We've known about it for years in the U.S., a couple decades I think. It doesn't seem to have hurt the Cath
  12. It his right to voice his opinion. And therefore me and gMarias didnt go off topic we stayed on it
  13. dont believe everything you read especially on the internet, I made that mistake best to get it here from people who know through experience. Especially Alternavista who knows his stuff
  14. Have you not heard?? Recent findings of priests raping children in Ireland not so long ago and cover ups leading back to popes, its crazy
  15. I'm sorry gMarias Gona use guilt on me now? Oh well I guess this whole thing is a bit stupid really! Sorry for enforcing a but of my beliefs in you. I don't know if your aware but the faith in Ireland is gone after what the church has done here its horrible and people are going crazy
  16. Look its getting out of hand. I want to say i agree with cohen that God is important in some peoples lives and it has an effect on their lifestyle, but come on were all in the same boat Lets just agree the OP makes some good points
  17. Yor post was fine until you said Acne forum, not a church forum. You just contradicted yourself, the point of this forum is to change lifestyle to suit your needs and wants to fight acne, which is what you said people are doing in this forum to fight acne. I never said this was a church forum, I never mentioned the word church. I dont beieve in the church, I never said I did. I believe whole heartedly in God, Jesus, Sarayu. And i think its brilliant your able to make choices whether or not to be
  18. You said, and I quote, " I think i can moderate my stress levels without God" Thats just dismissing it, have you tried it, its great to have a person to talk to and get things off your chest when your down. God has been there for me and has helped me. Im not saying you have to believe in God just dont dismiss the idea.
  19. Main pinpoints. I do much more but these are the basis and what i consider important