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  1. I've read thats its ceoliac friendly and for those intolerant to gluten!! I guess it is like yogurt milk and lactose
  2. Welcome to the org

    1. Alternavista, What brand cocoa powder do you buy? I buy Green and Blacks organic fairtrade cocoa powder but I think it's dutched :S Is this hugely significant??
    2. Make your own!! Buy coconut take the meat and blend with water and strain!!
    3. Thats true i get sunnyvale!! It oly has one ingredient and is sooooo delicious, really!! This is vailable down under
    4. which one mine or his because mine has like none!! Cept blueberries
    5. I do this everyday but not for breakfast!! My recipe is not a shake!! Its a bowl of oatmeal you microwave for 5 mins!! And dress with the seeds and berries eat the coconut oil to help absorb all nutrients Its full of antioxidants, protein, very healthy fats, good low gi source of carbs, And its satisfying, try it. Btw only 3g of sugar from fruits.
    6. Unless the french onion is home made no way!!! If its packaged then its full of monosodium glutamate and vegetable oils and dried e numbers!! And yeas extra virgin olive oil is massively beneficial to acne and cook with coconut oil only as it isnt damaged by heat!! Dress with extra virgin olive oil or pour it on foods your stemaing baking or roasting!! Balsamic vinegar has a bad glucose fructose ratio but try it because it is an awesome dressing!! I use this dressing evoo acv Dude I live in Ir
    7. They sell sudocreme everywhere pharmacy wise!! Green tea has loads thats good!! Yous hould eat olive oil with the same to help bing the omega 3 and stop the formation of free radicals which seems to be happening if salmon is giving you a cyst :S
    8. 1 cup rolled whole grain oats=310 calories 200 ml coconut milk= 400 calories 100 grams blueberries= 50 calories 2 0z pumpkin seeds=300 calories 1 tblespoon coconut oil=135 calories Total=1195 calories
    9. They've probably become inflamed through irritation!! Your best option is to leave them alone and exfoliate to open the pores and let them breathe.
    10. You need extra virgin olive oil to clear acne IMO!! I ties in so much with omega 6 and 3!! May I ask where do you live??
    11. Google the ingredints in subway bread!! I dont eat their anymore I believe sourdough is the best withot doubt when you see the ingredients!!
    12. Coconut milk!! I use it in a dish called thai green curry. Also makes one unreal smoothie Ok the best protein sources are, IMO Grass fed beef and wild venison Chicken breast Wild salmon and tuna Quinoa Almonds and almond butter Pumpkin seeds Wholewheat pasta Chickpeas Apples Organic natural, European greek, Youghurt.
    13. Milia are the technical term for whiteheads and are the result of clogged pores. The best thing to do is increase your exfoliating routine and decrease your moisturising in the affected areas. You can get them professionally removed but its a very delicate procedure and if done wrong it can scar your skin. Make up wont affect your milia
    14. You know what heals mine up fast antioxidants, water and dabbing the head with sudocreme Works wonders.
    15. I use copious quantities of Extra virgin olive oil everyday and its fine!! Fantastic for impurities in the body!! Also as Eddie said virgin coconut oil is amazing for acne when you eat it and has so many health benenfits!
    16. Avocados and coconuts and berries would be your safest bet
    17. Healthy list but most of them are expensive... I bought almond butter raw but to eat 1-2 tbs a day.. but I am afraid because I used to break out badly on my forehead when I started eating almond butter... I did ate a lot though... So you think 1-2 tbs don't break me out? Yeah I eat only 1-2 tblespoons a day!! I think thats enough because I eat almonds aswell. Is whey isolate expensive and am I too young???
    18. Emm ot really I hear thieir really healthy but im kinda scared to add them back in!! Ive more foods than I posted on that site. Lean beef Venison Orgnaic natural yogurt 100% whole wheat pasta and bread(both only only have one ingredient) Wholegrain basmati rice