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  1. Hey, I was just looking at your profile and saw this post Well in my opinion stress has alot to do with acne. It was the opposite with me with the gf/bf thing I didnt like him seeing me with no makeup on, and he wanted to see me all the time, and it just stressed me out thinking he might come to meet me one time or knock on my door and id have NO makeup on and he'd think eww. So i got more acne when i was going out with him. My acne has also changed alot, and i also get anxious when i g
  2. If you are missing all these foods make your own!! Pizza: Get a grain that works for you. Make sure its a high protein one so it will bind well without adding things. I buy durum whole wheat semolina, it is low gi as well. -Flour (500 grams) (3 and a half cups). -Warm water (350cc) (1 and a half cups). -1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil. DoughPut the flour onto a large plate and make a hole in the middle. Pour in the EVOO and the warm water into the hole and with a spatula start mixing
  3. Wanna get rid of cystic acne?? Avoid ALL vegetables oils. These are the biggest cause of acne in my opinion. Use olive oils and coconut oils, butter and or ghee. Dairy is next to go, I find yoghurt ok though and a tiny bit of grass fed butter. Last is refined carbohydrates and sugars, except fruits(unless candida). If you want more information just ask
  4. Alternavista, You are right different types of hormones, but nonetheless hormones. The ancient Chinese honored the soybean with the name "the yellow jewel" but used it as "green manure"-a cover crop plowed under to enrich the soil. Soy did not become human food until late in the Chou Dynasty when the Chinese developed a fermentation process to make soybean paste. Despite their promising marketing, the phytoestrogens in soy may also contribute to hormone imbalance. They resemble human hormones
  5. The vitamin a from tablets and that of carrots and such are different! I don't see a problem with this much beta carotene however i do see a problem with 7 carrots. You need a bit of variety
  6. Christof, I suppose they say that so we'll buy it!! It has just as much hormones as dairy and high omega 6!! They only say it's good as it is low in saturated fat which is not a bad thing at all! Saturated fat is very healthy as our cells are 100% saturated fats.
  7. Right a recent article in the news has branded the Bon Soy product Soy milk as detrimental to human wellbeing having contained a massive amount of iodine per carton!! This brand is meant to be the best soy milk brand on the market and if it has these huge levels of minerals then I assume the others mustn't be far behind! I stick with my belief that soy shouldn.t be eaten for health reasons, as seen here. If you have any questions or input I will gladly include any links or answers you want.
  8. Im only telling the truth :) Btw I thought your pic being deleted was very harsh I have seen worse on this site

    1. Different vitamins!! One is beta carotene one isn't
    2. The one biggest thing I miss is my ex girlfriend!! We broke up over a year ago and was too stubborn to go back to her even tho she asked a few times! She is soo beautiful and i still am looking at pictures of us I would ask her back but since i hid away with my acne Ive missed so much and am rarely invited out and we hang around with different people. I mean we still talk but I just want to ask her without sounding like a fool! If I never had acne I admit I woud be a careless, unhealthy, ign
    3. I know, people are always talking!! I never knew we were so popular People can talk but just 'cause there so insecure!! If it matters, I don't judge people on looks, but your beautiful.
    4. I take omega 3 fish oil capsules are these ok??
    5. I probably wont drink alcohol but i assume you mean the pure stuff like vodka and gin??
    6. Corn is high in omega 6 whereas flour has a high gi!! It really is the same as bread but the corn tortilla doesn't have gluten and the flour one does. I would reccomend for you to find a high quality whole grain bread or otherwise. I hear that ezekiel foods make a whole grain low gi flour tortilla, which is meant to be very tasty. Here is the link Food For Life The only reason I don't purchase their products is because I'm Irish and they are not sold here! If you are not from the Usa please
    7. People who don't eat are also underweight, weak, pale and have many other problems.# I eat like you, a lot of greens with chicken although i eat grains too as i don't have candida! I have gained like 30 lbs eating a lot and my acne has never been better.
    8. Thats so true!! People just tell you cut out everything!! My diet improved when i started adding stuff back into my diet!! If its a whole, natural, un-proccesed food then it should be more than likely fine. With a few exceptions!!
    9. Coconuts Coconut meat coconut oil coconut milk Youll be ripped in no time
    10. Im pretty sure it's an international product but then again I could be wrong!! What are you useing e45?? On the sudocreme container it says good for treating acne so I presume other antisceptics should be fine!
    11. Here Eddie check out this website!! Www.WhFoods.com Btw the ones I avoid are: corn (omega 6) Peas (sugar) Parsnips (High Gi)
    12. Don't worry just because some people can't tolerate grains doesn't mean you can't!! Have you heard of this?? Health Food May I ask where in Oz do you hail from?
    13. Spelt is definitely NOT gluten-free or "Celiac friendly". Thank you
    14. Applying it topically no but taking it internally I have seen the amazing results long term
    15. Yeah Im not getting any antioxidants like!! Its pretty much just empty calories!! I'm going searching a better brand!! I'll give you heads up if I make a good find