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  1. Hey I didn't make the rules! If you want to make a syrup/caramel 100 ml of water mix with 50 grams of stevia over heat.
  2. Dude I was the same lost loads of weight went low gi, high veggie, no dairy or vegetable oils ( except olive oil and coconut oil). I still eat like this but I have gained 2 stone and rising if you want advice or eating tips Just pm me
  3. Yes sugar is highly inflammatory so it causes those big red angry spots. Agave nectar has a really bad fuctose:sucrose ratio and has similiar properties to that HFCSs. It has been branded a health food fraud
  4. Yes sugar is highly inflammatory so it causes those big red angry spots. Agave nectar has a really bad fuctose:sucrose ratio and has similiar properties to that of HFCSs. It has been branded a health food fraud
  5. I have been recently going out more I reccomend it to every1
  6. Those studies focus on how sturated fats don't lower CHD, not raise them. If its bad explain coconut oil?? THX why don't you cut out all saturated fat from your diet and see how you do?? You'll be tired, weak and have no energy. You have been brainwashed by people trying to sell saturated fat as unhealthy!! May I remind everyone about skidmarks disease. Some stonewall facts: Breast milk is high in saturated fat, Babies need it to live! Tropical islands where coconuts, coconut oil are a stap
  7. Interesting brown rice milk!! I think i would avoid it because of the sunflower oil but interesting nonetheless. Have you tried oat milk??
  8. I am so bookmarking this page thanks
  9. I am sorry but that is so wrong!! Give me a strong study that proves me wrong and ill admit it but in the meantime read this and youll see why we need to stop cutting out saturated fats and replacing them with trans fats. TRUTH Btw have you noticed the increse in heart attacks in America over the past 20 years? Funny how this has happened after they have all reduced saturated fats and replaced it with trans fatty margarines hmmmm!! I wonder did the cavemens have margarine? I wonder if they suf
  10. Have ye tried coconut milk?? De-lic-ious! Makes the creamiest green smoothies too yummmm
  11. Thats true they have soy sauce, miso soup and tempeh whichare ver healthy in moderation.
  12. yes i used to crave these foods but i dont want them anymore. When you get used to not eating them you dont really care. I dont miss them at all
  13. Yes thats's exactly it But then I remember that the reason I wanted to get rid of acne was to go out and have a good time. So if I coonstantly worry then I will never have a good time. But yes it is difficult
  14. do you think that'd be alright for a candida diet? Its really good against candida coconut is fantastic fto fight it
  15. Broken pearls to quote myself I said we and then later i said I was ignorant. I made no reference to you and I don't claim to know everything, in fact I know quite little. I am not judging you and I don't judge anybody at face value. From what I gather by reading your posts is that you are a very intelligent person. Im sorry if I was mistaken for judging you
  16. Havent ye learned anything? Wishing people had acne, you wonder why you have acne?? I was ignorant to people with acne until I got it I realised that I was wrong I don't feel I have a right to wish acne upon anyone because I don't want anyone to go through what I went.
  17. where did you find full fat natural organic?? They only sell low fat where I live?? They said it's naturally low fat. Are you sure its just not greek yoghurt??
  18. Including me I avoid dairy but yoghurt is different. It contains little to no lactose and the bacteria it contains is beneficial to acne
  19. I highly reccomend organic natural yoghurt. The calcium is also good for thyroid.
  20. will you please keep us updated with any interesting finds about diet? Thank you
  21. Exactly it mimicks good health. It can be benificial in small amounts. In Asia they consume about 9 grams a day whereas in western countries we consume 500 grams a day. It was used as manure before human consumption.