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  1. Thanks i got the idea of buckwheat from one of your recent posts, Its so nice.
  2. Kinky :lol: Btw that actueally happnened to me too i got depressed and lost so much weight I have now gained 3 stone on a very healthy(in my opinion) diet. The best way to look at it is laugh trust me i know its hard but eh there IS worse things in life after you look at this way! Its hard to realise this though.
  3. Very true but acne also affects the smoothness of skin, the colour and then there is the ew i dont want to touch it factor
  4. Both are organic and sprouted and it means its less refined Whats not healthy about that??
  5. Are spiulina tablets any good
  6. I have a thread called carbohydrates friend or foe!! Look it up!! For me i only eat the lowest gi, most unrefined and nutritious wholegrains! I find them perfectly ok but thats just me! These grains are: Quinoa 100% whole buckwheat bread and pasta (both only have 1 ingredient) Wholegrain basmati rice. You can also get like chickpea pasta made from chickpea flour really nice!!
  7. Your acne sounds kinda like mine so i would reccomend fish oil omega 3 and natural vtamin e!! Whats vitamin h
  8. @Jay326 That is kinda the wrong thing to say!! If it was easier to lose weight then there wouldnt be so many overweight people in he world! I have never been overweight so I dont know what its like but i can imagine it must be hard to deal with it! I guess they would say theyd swap weight for acne but just because they dont know what its like
  9. Its 100% corn so it would be really high in omega 6 but if you dont mind it should be fine
  10. ThX I think we are on the same page just at different points
  11. hang in there bud were all behind ya
  12. Well since I am European and the majority seem to be American, I can see a problem Here it is anyway Kenwood Smoothie Chrome SB266 2-Speed Blender Unreal Btw keep up the good work ABG
  13. Exactly, thank you!! I suppose I don't get my point across well
  14. idk, I feel like I've seen more guys with severe acne than ladies... always felt discouraged in high school b/c all the other girls seemed to have flawless skin... course we get to wear makeup to hide it... plus, women feel immense pressure to have flawless skin. I'm not a guy so I can't say it is less bothersome to them, but I do feel that in our culture, women have more to live up to in the looks department. I dunno girls can hide it with make up too!! I don't think it ranges between
  15. thats true but its hard to find and unprocessed soy product and one cup of soy milk is 240 grams of soy! Thats a lot
  16. And what is your basis for all of this?? I can't even tell if your agreeing with me or arguing? I have researched my facts and this has nothing to do with the branch of medicine I study!! Get your facts straight! This is an argument of saturated fats and the effect on human health! Im sure you have an answer may we please hear it?
  17. I heard that What brand would you reccomend?? Jay Robb? Would spirulina do the same job?
  18. I think its because all of the readings say less then 0%, however look at the fiber its 3% DV. So my guess is the calories are comming from fat and carbs which are both less than 0% But could be 0.9%.
  19. I had the same and felt the same but it will pass, hang in there
  20. Thank you tigermike! I recieved your pm and totally agree with you that people need to realise the truth!! If I may I would like people to watch this: Town of Allopath
  21. Thats not the point its the correlation between high amounts of soy and human health! Nice recipes though
  22. Thanks for your input Yes portion control is vital that we don't overeat! Whereas I'm on a diet to gain weight I eat more meals during the day but still normal portion sizes just with more caloric dense foods. Actually tamari soy sauce is wheat and gluten free and has little soy and is fermented so it is quite healthy and a proper soy product.
  23. Im not trying to picka fight and i am also studying medicine in school! I gave you research and did away with it! I never said polyunsturated fats were bad I am just saying saturated fats are good for you!! If you sum up your evidence that their bad in one post in non pigeon english il take that into account and see if I can poke a hole in it? Sound fair?? Make life so much easier