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  1. Why not supplement to get full benefit of omega 3?? Or eat salmon, chia seeds and the like which are high in omega 3 to get a good anti inflammatory diet
  2. Yes your right natural organic pb should be fine! But massive amounts of omega 6 so i would avoid it! There is no point supplementing to cancel it out! I eat the almond butter counterpart its much tastier IMO. Its much healthier and much less allergenic also.
  3. I feel the same i have to cycle gome from school and its so windy and cold and i feel its affecting my skin! Can anyone give my an answer or their own experience. Btw Im sorry to steal your thread but my experience is that a cold are helps my skin because it deosnt get inflamed
  4. All the stuff you highlighted is bad Also the cane sugar, rapeseed oil and corn syrup is bad!! Im also guessing its loaded with salt??
  5. Interesting. Any studies to back this up because I find a problem with most of it!! You contradict yourself. You say maintain your weight however do 1500 calorie burning exercise!! So eat 4000 calories a day which raises testosterone, then you say it should be lowered> Very interesting stuff there and i agree with some of it
  6. Where in Ireland you from?? :)

    1. OMG you have the exact same outlook on life I have!! I taught i was the only one who thought this way
    2. Okay.. Hehe.. I believe in you.. You're lucky because you don't have severe acne.. I saw some videos on youtube taking accutane, and I really feel sorry for them. Yeah.. But, this is my real pic as of now.. I have just mild acne.. Lucky for you because your acne is not that bad. I feel bad when I see someone having a severe acne. in all fairness your skin doesnt look to bad either Thanks! Not a bother kid And OP I dated a girl with acne, she has bad acne but i
    3. Just dont so what I did!! Be grateful your friends are still asking you out but when you start ignoring them theyll stop and you will look bak at the days when you were all such good friends!! You never know this might be a blessing in disguise, your crush might still like for who you are and you said you had an awesome physique, so why not?? Whatever you do dont ignore them trust me you will regret it
    4. In my defense, I never accused him of being gay. I just stated that my first thought was "gay." Perfectly reasonable IMO. I understand asexuality is a possibility. A rarity, but a possibility. That said, my thirst thought was "gay" nonetheless. :lol: Asexual doesnt mean gay it means you can produce offspring without mating Hahahaha
    5. This topic lol My bad and op maybe you ave left the fase of getting as many girls as you can and I think it might be the "One" who will give you the rush again
    6. Im taking both its so easy to get omega 6 i say best get more omega 3!! Chia seeds dont really go off I say go for it
    7. Haha that made me lol so much 50 years!! What type do you take just the seeds or oil or whatever im not sure what to get??
    8. Thats so true! Id have no energy with my bit of fruits
    9. I find nothing wrong with meat! An as Healthoid says there is no evidence that we never ate no meat! The difference is that meat and fish back then was wild and had a natural diet with out hormones and processed grains they are fed nowadays! Make sure you get a good quality meat and fish
    10. OMG I came across a superfood i just recently heard of!! Can any1 tell me about chia seeds because it seems too good to be true surely ther is a catch!! Why are we not eating these!!!
    11. it dries my face out horribly
    12. Uhhh I bought my mom make up for christmas called maybelline matte mousse mineral makeup! I asked the clerk and she said it was the most natural looking, light, no harsh irritants one on the market. She said it also said it hydrates your skin so it doesnt give a dry look. It might be good
    13. add me 4 modern warfare 2