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    tell me your secret :L

    1. Thats good I hope it works for you!

      Are you using Dans regimen?

      Mine is good but Im trying to clear my acne through diet and a healthy lifestyle

      1. No problem??

        Hows your regimen going?? Any results?

        1. Where in Ireland you from?? :)

          1. add me 4 modern warfare 2

            1. Im only telling the truth :) Btw I thought your pic being deleted was very harsh I have seen worse on this site

              1. Welcome to the org

                1. hey hows the diet going?

                  1. Hey hows the progress? Hit us back

                    1. Im going to comment back,see! :)

                      1. Hey if you have anymore questions about how to deal with canida or any other acne related problems don't hesitate to ask