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  1. If you notice in the picture greentiger posted both pictures, mine and his are taken on the same day, he is wearing the same clothes and if you look in mine you can just make out the side swept hairstyle he is sporting. I think he is just making a face that makes it go wrinkly and rough, I was just focusing on the spots and greentiger found a better pic thank you, point is proven he has spots he is considered one of the hottest guys on the planet by many girls and some guys, hey I dont judge
  2. Are you serious?? It looks to me like your choosing not to believe it! The reports say its him and they show a picture of him face on beofre tking that one and it is him Im not tryin to fool you or lie.
  3. Seriously guys that is him!! If you look you can see he has the same mouth, nose and he has worn that hat many times when I seen pictures. I can show another picture of a younger him where he has a few spots but nothing big. He has even spoke about acne and his spots, thats why he wears foundation. Yeah 17 again was good I too despise those cheesey films but Zac was so good in it. He was brilliant in Me and Orsen Wells aswell, great actor. Ive never seen high school musical tho. Confidence is
  4. This is my favourite actor and my role model I always look up to him and the way he lives his life. He has a gorgeous girlfriend and my last girlfriend said he is the sexiest guy on the planet, same with all my friends who are girls. He hasnt let acne stop him from getting an incredibly hot girlfriend and having a very succesful acting career thus far. Now I know most of you are going to say, Oh but he is famous and rich of course everyone is going to want him ", WRONG! He gets what he want
  5. Thats a big respunding yes! Quinoa is the ancient Inca word for "mother grain". This grain has been eaten for over a thousand years by the ancient Incans if it is good enough for them its good enough for me It is high in very high quality protein and has a good amount of carbs. It is Low GI. Easier didested than most grains. Very high in Calcium. I would definitely add this to your diet. Btw why have you cut out ALL carbs, you know protein that you should at least get a medium amount for
  6. Woah guys he was only saying how beans are a great food to eat and I agree they are nutritious, filling and natural, they contain no gluten so a good source of carbs as well as excellent protein, he wasnt talking about eating them raw or saying only eat them and nothing else, but we should add them to our diet because most humans dont eat enough healthy foods like this. Everyone should eat natural foods and replace processed foods so this is a good addition, not to mention the zinc content in mo
  7. Hey man Im so glad someone is trying this. I have always been curious and cant wait to see what impact it has bcz i might try it. Good luck dude
  8. No carbs at all?? What oils do you use to cook??
  9. Oh ya i love coconut. is it virgin coconut oil??
  10. I think your skin is nice and don't worry about your skin flushing itself to get rid of toxins and impurities. See you have spots but they are not inflamed and i bet they heal within a week. It shows your on the right track, can we have an overview of your diet just to make sure your not eating anything that MIGHT break you out.

  12. For many, meat-eating is comparable to murder, rape and violence. This view was held by Ben Franklin, Albert Schweitzer, Ghandi, Einstein, Martin Luther, Charles Darwin, George Bernard Shaw, Milton, H.G. Wells, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thoreau, Leonardo Da Vinci, Tolstoy, Voltaire, Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Ovid, Plato, Socrates, Diogenes, Milton, Plutarch, Pythagorus, Seneca and Zoroaster. These figures were not only prolific inventors, philosophers and writers of their
  13. I mean you boil water in a pot and mix the ingredients in a bowl over the heat of that water so that there isnt too much heat. If you mix it on full heat the mixture would curdle and it wouldnt taste nice. Virgin coconut milk is really healthy its like cream hehe
  14. Mix to tbs of raw cocoa powder with 5 tbs of virgin coconut oilin a bowl over boiling water then add a small amount of virgin coconut milk and refridgerate untill solid and you have raw chocolate