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  1. I know how u feel. I always ask my husband everyday how my skin looks and tell him how depressed i am. He says that's all i talk about and it's not that bad but he doesn't understand because he has clear skin. It really takes over ur whole life and i am constantly looking at myself in the mirror like i'm hoping something will change. I have mild acne but nothing seems to work and i am 24 yrs old and suffered with acne since i was 14 years old. I try to stay positive and hope that they will find
  2. I have just started using Stievamycin mild gel at night and using Spectro Jel wash. I have mild acne and nothing seems to work including SA and benzoyl peroxide. My skin really started breaking out about a month ago when i went off birth control pills for 2 months then got back on them. Since then i have not had a period in 3 months and i think it's really messing with my horomones. I have heard some good things about this stuff and just was wondering if anyone else has tried it and what to expe
  3. I was recently using spectro jel and SA pads for my skin but found it didn't do much. My skin is broke out in red bumps now because while away for a week i used my moms skin cream "Marcelle" and found out it contained mineral oil. I hear alot about BP and how it's good for acne so i started using Panoxyl 5% wash for my skin and then followed by 2.5% BP proactiv repairing lotion,then apply my cream thats oil free complex 15. I was just wondering if anyone can tell me if this is a good skin care r
  4. Just wanted 2 know if anyone has tried clearasil products and have they worked? I am thinking of purchasing them cause everyone says benzoyl peroxide helps acne clear up. I have tried alot of things but theres always a period where u get worse before better. Does benzoyl peroxide worsen acne at first? I just feel lost not sure what to use anymore.
  5. I have had this pimple since last thursday on my face and its starting to crust underneath the skin but it's still red and there's a bump under the skin. I don't want to squeeze it cause it will get worse. I have been using Johnson & Johnson continuous clear acne wash and at night their persa gel 5%. It's driving me crazy cause it's red and all infected looking any suggestions of what i should do? Thanks alot!
  6. I just wanted to know if i could use the proactiv repairing lotion that has 2.5% benzoyl peroxide or do i have to get something different. Is the proactiv stuff the same? I want to start the regimen cause nothing else is working. I use spectro gel for cleanser and complex 15 lotion for my face is that ok with this? Thanks guys!
  7. Im so sorry for what ur going through. I dont have acne really bad but enough to make me want to hide and be depressed. It seems that nobody understands what ur going through everyone around u is always like its not that bad ur over reacting. Its hard to understand what this does to a person. It can ruin ur life and make u sad all the time. I hate to be around anyone and when i do im nervous all the time thinking they r looking at my acne. I am always envious of people with clear skin im like wh
  8. I have been using stievamycin mild gel for about a month now but went off it for a week and tried proactiv again but didnt like it i found it irritated my skin. So im using spectro gel to wash my face and the gel at night im going to stick with it cause i heard it helps alot. So far nothing has happened but i will keep u posted.
  9. I know exactly how u feel.I am tired of having to hide my face and not being able 2 be me.I have suffered with acne since i was 13 yrs old and i am now 23 yrs old and still have it.I have tried every product available,i just recently tried Proactiv Solution about 4 months ago and at first it cleared my acne up but then it stopped working so i am so frustrated.Especially when the people around u have beautiful clear skin and they just dont understand.They say oh its not that bad or it will get be