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  1. I've missed out the last few pages of this thread so maybe someone has already answered this, but I saw it in Sainsbury's the other da amondst the oils and salad dressings and things like that.
  2. I dont know about the gel, bu it says specifically on the website that the lactic peel helps with hyperpigmentation as well.
  3. Baking powder has baking soda in it and some more things as well.
  4. I think I need to try this regimen. Just a few questions. What are good anti-acne creams? and good cleansers for sensitive skin? and whats SPF moisturiser? and whats BP come to think of it?
  5. Hi again. I just wanted to know about Puredeming. I have heard really good things about their intense gel thing. What I wanted to know is if it can be used on all parts of the body, because I have some hyperpigmentation on my chest as well as my face and neck. Also, can it be used along with one of the acid peels (lactic, glycolic,etc.) or not. I guess same questions really for their acid peels. Can they be used on the chest and neck as well as the face? Which is better? As I live in the UK
  6. Hi all. I just wanted to know does the vinegar and lemon juice and water thing help with hyperpigmentation, because I have been doing it for about 10 days now, and have seen a massive improvement in skin texture, and to an extent tone, but not really in my hyperpigmented areas. Also, what is the thing about vinegar and baking soda? I havent heard of this before. Any help, as always, is appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Okay, I know how irritating I can be for my distinct and blatant lack of research myself. Well, I like to blame my circumstances, and my 500MHz processor and ancient dial-up internet connection. Ive got those hideous evil brown spots/scars left from burst pimples, so my face has really blotchy appearance, in terms of tone and texture cos its a little bit bumpy, ostly raised areas, not indented. Anyway, I wanted to know about the TCA stuff. (Obviously my technical vocabulary is superior to ev
  8. Okay, I know theres lots of treatments around and Ive looked into loads. Im thinking of going for TCA Peel, but I've got a few questions. Is it possible and is it safe to do this at home? Also where do you get the stuff from? I am in the UK Secondly, topical treatments. I've heard about so many topical treatments and form lots of different companies, all claiming to be the best. I've looked into Sonia Dakar, Longwood(I dont think I got the name right, but deinfitely Long-something), and others,
  9. Thanks for that. So TCA Peels and Retin-A. Those are probably what I have heard about most, so thats kind of reassuring that there might actually be something between my ears. And youre right about them being brown marks. Someone I spoke to called them scars, because he kept referring to it as superficial scarring. Thanks. Um, can these also be used on the neck and chest?
  10. Hi everyone. This is my first post. I've got alot of those hideous brown scars on my face and chest, because of acne, and pimples that have got scratched or picked at whether deliberate or accidental. Some are a couple of years old, but most are fairly new. I've heard alot of different treatments, but I havent got a clue which one I should use. I've heard of so many different types of peels, and acids, and creams and scrubs and facials and god knows what else that its done nothing more than con