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  1. i feel that food can cuz acne.....i have realized that when i stopped eating foods with a lot of sugarin them i wouldn't get acne....when i ate some sort of chocolate then i would brake out. samething with pastas....i decided to quit both....and my skin has improved. i suggest ppl give it a try.
  2. The only way i got acne to stop was to cut out all forms of sugar from my diet. Maybe thats just me, but give it a try. I've been without sugar for 4 weeks now and not one single zit.
  3. interesting comment about it being a conspiracy i was thinking the same thing. They keep making cash on our insecurities, now that is a million dollar idea. Make a product the targets people's insecurity.
  4. yea i agree with you. i didn't want to leave with all those side effects, they were worse than the actually acne itself. so i decide to use my own "regime". i have been taking Oregonal, which is basically Oil of Oregonal but 300x more effective. I must say that the results are great i used to have really big and red zits now i just get some white heads. when they show up i apply the oil acutally on my face at night, the next day they're no where to be seen.
  5. I think the best idea is to keep your regime simple. Keep it to one or two products.
  6. Vita K is B.S if you have active acne. I suggest you wait until no more new acne has formed then apply Vita K. I found when I applied it at night the next day the zits had grown.
  7. all those oatmeal products are shit for acne. i have try most of them and they all are shit
  8. you can buy @ fortinos if you live in canada i dunno bout US
  9. Vita K is shit if you still have "active" acne. it will make it worse. Just wait until you get rid of the acne first and then deal with the red marks.
  10. Hey dancing star i have just been reading your log and it sounds so familair. I had try most of the stuff you tried and experienced the same results. So i did some research on alternative ways to clear acne. I found out that the Oil of Oregano is the best solution for this problem. I've been taking it for about a month now and I would have to say that the results are amazing. i apply this product called "oreganol" to my face at night and in the morning it kills the bacteria overnight.
  11. try oregonal it's basically the oil form the oregonal plant
  12. Yo Carmen give oregonal a try i did and i'm loving the results. i take it with water 3 drops 3 times a day. then at night i apply some on the serious spots. it will feel like a warming sensation but will go away in 10 mins. if you want more info PM me.