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  1. Ive bee trying to cut and limit my gluten intake, which means cutting out a lot of carbs. I recently cut out oatmeal because I read it has quite a bit in it, which is usually had the flavored. Basically all Im eating now for carbs its seems like is fruit and rice Can someone give me a few other sources of carbs that are generally free?
  2. Can you supplement pro-biotics? Any other foods with them?
  3. Well I knew they weren't bad but people on this sight are always avoiding grains/wheats? I was wonder why, and if it was because of the gluten content?
  4. How is it true that they compete? All I've read on here is how you should have an equal 1:1 ratio of Omega 3's and 6's, and that completely contradicts everything. I take it most foods have a higher amount of Omega 6, which is why we take our Omega 3's from supplement, and not try to eat a pound of fish.
  5. The cholestrol in eggs aren't harmful at all, their HDLs not LDLs. Anyway I usually have... 5 egg(Whole) 1/2 cup oatmeal Green Smoothie or Protein Shake Fruit
  6. Well cutting out gluten = cutting out a lot of my major carb sources, but since I've read rice is a good solution I bought some. I was skeptical at first because I had read how whole grains and wheats are generally bad. However, I think Im going to make some tonight and when I was reading the box it said it was gluten free, which I'm avoiding along with dairy, so I should be good(genereally speaking right?). I was also wondering why people genereally avoid grains, is it solely because of the gl
  7. My derm said to use benzoyl twice a day: morning and evening, then to wash it off about 4-5 hours later and use the tretinoin after. Not sure if this will work for you, but Im sure one in the morning and one at night would be fine.
  8. What exactly is a steam facial? And how does it benefit acne? Similar to a sauna?
  9. Alright thanks for the advice guys!
  10. You guys drink olive oil? Does cooking with it bring the same benefits?
  11. Well I know in one thread Im almost positive I seen someone taking like 7,000 MG ? Has anyone heard of such an amount?
  12. When is it best for hot showers and cold showers. I know that hot ones cause openings in the pores, and colds close them, but when would it be adequate for a hot or cold one? I was thinking hot in morning, and cold at night? The only problem is though, is that I put cream on when I wake up and before I go to bed, thoughts?
  13. Would this be adequate? I have mild acne with some redness on my chin from past acne, and ACV has only helped mildly. Here is my regimen, help me fit it into my schedule. Morning: Wash with dans cleanser, then add Trenitoin .05 +Antibiotic Evening: Wash face, sometimes with cleanser Bedtime: Wash face, apply Trenitoin .05 +Antibiotic Just wondering when AHA would fit into this best?