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  1. Hopefully it stayed that way And so far it has been working for me, Today is a week!! I hope it keeps working
  2. Hello :)

    How are you :)

  3. hey your the cats meow and i also reside in Cali...NorCal that is my friend:)

  4. Hey, good luck on your doxy course. Take pictures so we can see the progress as well as for yourself too.

  5. I tried doxycycline and it didn't do anything for me. I had to be sure to take with food, otherwise it made me really sick feeling. It was awful. Anyways, I'm taking spironolactone now and find it is more effective for me (also doing dan's regimen). But, everyone is different so antibiotics may work for some and not for others. My acne is more hormonally related, which is why the spironolactone is more effective at treating it. Hopefully the doxycycline will work for you. Best of luck to
  6. Well allo allo thar

  7. Hello Everyone! I just started on Doxy today, hopefully i see results soon! Im super stressed, I avoid mirrors I work in a clean room, and Im super embarrassed that people have to see my ugly face!!! I cant even hide it, my friends don't understand!! fuckers have perfect skin lol Has anyone experienced good or bad results?? Please help!!!