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  1. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Accutane-...26#entry2866726 "My name is Paul. I have suffered at the hands of acne for seven long years... I have felt very self-conscious with my acne for some time. I have cried over it countless times, I have never truly acted myself, there is always something blocking me it feels like. This acne is a large barrier to my happiness..." Yeah, you sure do make it sound like a "mild condition". Haha. that's hilarious.
  2. Laurie Jay

    Skipping the moisturizer??

    Yup I agree, moisturizer is good for your skin. I stopped using it for awhile because I thought that the dryness wasn't really affecting me. Bleh, my skin darkened and then started peeling off. Not good. The moisturizer is good for skin for the reasons that Laddy Odd Duck specified- acne comes from irritated skin and the moisturizer helps combat that unfortunate effect of the BP.
  3. Laurie Jay

    Anyone doing the acne.org regime?

    I stopped using the regimen last fall after doing it the enitre summer. Only reason was because it bleaches close when you sweat, and I played soccer so I couldn't have my uniform/ practice clothes being bleached. It did work for me, which is why I'm on it again. When I stopped, I did not have a massive breakout, and my acne didn't become worse than it had been before the regimen. It just went back to how it was before. The regimen will clear you up, but it's definitely not a cure for acne. I
  4. Laurie Jay

    Just a lil update

    So, not much to report on the acne side of things. I've been a bit bad with picking (argh) but not too bad. It's just that when I run my hands across my face (haha also bad) if I feel aything that could come off, off it goes. Eh sounds disgusting imo but oh well. Other than that not much. I've been contemplating on why it is that I have acne. I don't think it's hormones due to my age because one- I got acne at a really young age. Granted, I was a really early bloomer....hm. Well okay it possi
  5. Laurie Jay

    My Quest For Clear Skin

    Good luck with your new regimen! Is the ACV in your Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub or do you do it separately?
  6. Laurie Jay

    oN THE RoAD To RECoVERY =:)

    Your derm is probably right- you've made so much progress already! Congrats!
  7. Hey there! Good luck with your journey to stop self picking! Adding to doublehawks suggestions, you could come on here if you feel the urge to pick and write about it here/in your blog until the urge passes! Haha I know that surfing the web can be a mindless distraction sometimes so that might help. You know, I've never heard of an extractor tool before. It sounds terrible though haha. Sorry that your mom used it on you. Good luck!
  8. Laurie Jay

    Day Fourteen

    Success- did the regimen morning and night today =) I've gotten a few more pimples- small in size- due to purging/ the crappy job I did last week with the regimen. It's okay though, I'm sure they'll pass. They aren't too bothersome. Haha I'm really tired right now which is probably why I don't care about anything currently. Ummm...I've been looking into things to help with my PIH. I thought the AHA might work, and was going to buy that but then I saw some stuff about ACV (apple cider vineg
  9. Laurie Jay


    If they're black marks then maybe they're hyperpigmentation which do tend to fade over time (I've read that it can take up to two years for marks to fade) especially if you still have acne to aggravate it/ continue the cycle. If you're acne is under control maybe you could do peels or retinoids? I'm not sure what you've used, but if you already tried those maybe you could go natural? I was looking into ACV (apple cider vinegar) for my hyperpigmentation and a lot of people have said that it works
  10. Laurie Jay

    Just starting

    Well this is definitely a new approach that I haven't heard of. Interesting to think of why urine would have any affect on acne as I was under the impression it was toxins leaving the body. Well good luck with this! I'll definitely be checking back in! =D
  11. Laurie Jay

    called the girl who has acne....

    Hey there!I hope that the accutane helps. Having acne sucks so much. And ignore the people who say mean things (easier said than done, I know). They are just proving what shallow and insensitive people they are. Good luck and keep us updated! =D
  12. Laurie Jay

    Smooth skin-scars or not?

    A bit more description might help us out- are the marks still red or a different color than your skin? Because if the skin is smooth like you said, and not indented or anything than it's most likely just red marks/hyperpigmentation. If this is the case, then yes they will go away although for some it may take a while. There are ways to speed that up if you're willing to. Just look around on here and you'll find several ways. If it's not hyerpigmentation/red marks, then I guess it some accutane
  13. Laurie Jay

    Laurie Jay's Regimen Log

    I was looking around and I saw that ACV (apple cider vinegar) has been used for helping along hyperpigmentation. I thought that I would buy some of Dan's AHA to help out, but now I'm torn as I already have ACV in the house. Would any of you recommend one over the other for effective reduction of the marks? Thanks!
  14. Laurie Jay

    Laurie Jay's Regimen Log

    Day 14 So I've been getting better about doing the regimen. Mainly I've been doing it at least once a day, but like I said, I'm getting better about doing it twice a day. It helps that I can see the progress. My zits are dying of pretty quickly. I'm going to see if I can order some AHA soon to deal with the hyperpigmentation (it helps with that right?) as that's my main issue. I've got some actual scars, most likely ice pick but I couldn't care less about those currently. I want CLEAR skin, it
  15. Laurie Jay

    Life begins at 30...

    Good luck!