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  1. i have been doing the egg mask everyday, it make newly pimple red marks go off. i been trying for 5 days. Not much result yet, but i will keep doing it.
  2. hihi, i have questions to ask u on the 8 steps regimen. Hope u r still active. :)

  3. hi, i tried the "Omg you guys have to try this" 8 steps regimen today. I want to know your results too if u r goin to do it, can u post ur results at "OMG" thanks.
  4. i have heard the thing about water flushing out the nutrients... is that proven? I just heard of trying Water Therapy and actually did it this morning (not only for acne, but for other health benefits in general).. it has you drinking 1.5 liters of water in the morning right when you wake up. I actually saw some improvement in my skin today. Idk maybe it's a placebo or me generally improving my diet, but i did feel energized most of the day.. Yes, I don't have the link though What you are
  5. Accutane is a real powerful pill, i tried it before. But it is expensive , haha.
  6. hey i have this thread which share abt removing acne and i am trying the facial regimen now too, u can go check out. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/OMG-GUYS-THIS-t35135.html
  7. Oh ya, the doctor warned me before to be careful taking it if you r a woman, as it stated pregency taken will cause deform baby, scary. R u frm singapore ? if yes, i have went to a traditional chinese doctor and he prescribe me a type of herbs tat work almost same as accutane and expensive as accutane. He also did chinese needle on my back body and after 2 sessions i can feel tat i am like taking accutane indirectly but safer.
  8. Hi, i'm from Spore too , i went to NSC before too. if i can still remember my previous dose is more than 20mg, ard 40mg in a pill. Took blood test every 3 months in NSC, sad as i hate needles, haha. Don worry, after u took accutane pills, do u got lips crack now or ard 2 weeks ? if yes, i tink the 20mg is working. if not, i tink u need higher dose but ask ur doctor before u pop extra dose urself, haha. The accutane pill i can say is a wonder to destroy acne and oily face but it comes not c
  9. hi, i have very oily skin last time, i mean very very oily as if i can pour it everyday into a bottle. Last time after cleanse, 1hr later my face become oily again, so sad. I tink u have the same problem wit mi when i am in teens. Then i went to dematologist and took accutane pills and it really absorb those oil and u can feel the total difference after taking it. But it come with some minor side effects and it depend on individual too, like lips crack often and need to drink plenty of water
  10. hihi all, i have started this regimen today and i feel good, will let u all know the results. Currently i have acne scar marks on my cheeks and 1 or 2 acne on my face now, hope this regimen can improve my face skin. i have oily/combination face skin and an asian skin. Stay tune in this post and can anyone else doing this regimen give some feedback too ?
  11. Accutane is a very powerful pills to stop ur facial oil and acne, i taken it before and every 6 months the dematologist need to take my blood test. I am sure it will help to clear ur face in very short time but side effect is my lips will be very dry and it cracks, i always need to apply lip balm at school around 2 hrs once and always running to toilet to do it. And it is an expensive pill. I found tat when after u stopped taking accutane, my acne problems came back but my face not as oily as b
  12. i have drank the whole bucket of water everyday and it does not seem to help much. I wonder is this related to poor function of kidney or liver?