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  1. I'm not sure about tge joint pain, but for the lips: after about 2 weeks my lips were bk to normal. (:
  2. Walgreens. I pay $135 for 20mg & $175 for 40mg. You just need to purchase a rewards card for $20.00. Good luck!
  3. I would get it if I were you. I'm not sure how much you'll be charged for appts & blood work.... But I pay $300 for blood work, $90 for my visit to the derm and now $500 for 40mg & 20mg of tane every month. At first it was $300 for the tane but they raised their prices!!! ): that totals to almost $900 a month! GET INSURANCE.... xo-Stevie
  4. Try dr dans corti balm. If your pharmacy doesn't have It in stock, go online and print out the sheet with codes for your pharmasist. It costs $4.00. I've been on tane for 5 months now. I had missed an entire month and within a week my lips were 90% healthier. By 2 weeks they were perfect!!! Keep your head up. xo steph
  5. I have had a few drinks while on tane. Nothing was different except that I felt as if I got drunk quicker... You'll be fine. Cheers!!!
  6. Hi (: if you have seen worse skin for this long & your derm recomends turning in another direction... I'd stop taking the pills. I really hope you see results with your future treatments. Keep your head up (: xo steph
  7. How many mg is he taking for that price?
  8. Thanks Hun... You made my day (:

  9. for reals, your beautiful with or without:)

  10. Call your dermatologist... Congrats on the new nose
  11. You can take your pill and drink water with it. Just limit your water intake before you get ur blood work done. Just drink enough water to take the pill... Although they say it's best to take the pill with food. If you prefer to do that just wait till after the test. Sorry I'm rambling.. (: but to answer ur question yes it's okay to take ur pill before the test. Steph
  12. The same just happened to me!!! I'm going tomorrow to retake a pregnancy test. Im going thru the hassel for sure! I would be so sad if it all came back bc I didn't finish the course. Wouldn't you? Either way, I hope you figure it out. Good luck! (: steph
  13. I get claravis from walgreens. If you buy a membership for $20, 40 mg will coat you $175. So it will end up costing $350 for your two packages. Not much of a savings but helps (: Before that I was paying $700 for 40mg.. Good luck
  14. The serum I use is great! I was in your boat, but since I've started to use the serum from Origins my skin is always soft and free of flakes. It's all organic and has mushroom to help calm redness. It's make for dry & red skin. You'll experience the redness soon if you haven't already. The only downfall is that it's pricey. $65 for 6 months worth or $130 for 1 year. They will give you samples to try. But it'll take about 3 days until you start to feel a big change. It's sooooooooo worth it.