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  1. all i can say is it can happen to anyone, ANYONE, even celebrities and beautiful people. that this wretched thing is random when it comes to picking its victims. so all u sufferers out there, STOP BLAMING URSELF, its not ur fault, its GENETIC and u can not renege or deny genetics. its in our blood, its in our biological programming, its in our DNA and last time i checked, u can not alter ur DNA, this is not some kinda sci-fi world we live in and X-men dont exist. not even accutane cuz it slows d
  2. tca is very powerful and crisper than aha, aha gives u that sour end of the world feel, tca gives u that layer is gone feel! i prefer tca
  3. accutane rocks but during the takin of it, it does create some of the worst scarring ever, u no the deepest of deep dun no y
  4. i think scarring is highly if not totally genetic, that is UR PROGRAMMED TO BE THAT WAY, TO GROW UP WITH PITTED CHEEKS, IT CANT BE CHANGED! u simply cant not change ur genetic code or makings unless ur fiction like spiderman
  5. try shiseido skincare, and the benefiance line, amazing sutff
  6. its ok buddy im a guy too and i do use it ppl dont understand that we do it cuz we have no choice, remember this WE DO IT TO SURVIVE, NOT ENHANCEMENT! enhancement would make us girly, but not, we do it to SURVIVE in this damn beautified society, WE HAVE NO CHOICE! im tall, muscular, and use make-up to cover up da damn acne scars! ur not alone buddy and there's nothing wrong with it! its not an emasculating thing! brad pitt uses it. feel free to text me even i got unlimited plan! number is 3475
  7. sigh........ WHY ME? i asked this damn question everyday, what did i do to deserve this, others get to enjoy life and have relationships, but me? im locked in my own personal prison every damn day thinking about my bad acne scars and im thinking its time to put an end to it! tried everything, painful laser and peels, worked very lil to none! im hopeless! so frigging unfair! i struggled my whole childhood with self-esteem, then i reach late teen with a whole new identity, with full-throttle conf