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  1. Wow its been a long time since i've gotten on here. Well, I finished accutane... my skin was perfect while on it. I loved it! but I got to the point where I was having so many side effects that I decided to stop. I experienced fatigue, depression, anger, couldnt concentrate at all, anxiety, dry eyes, lips werent too bad, wasnt as outgoing as i usily am...I really didnt realize how bad it was untilI got into the 5th month of my treatment. So then I HAD to go off of it... and then my acne starte
  2. marypoppins12

    Beautiful skin. Lost a little weight. Major depression (I wanted to kill myself), Made me crazy, overaggerate, and angry..I lost a couple friends because of it. Dry eyes..but I had contacts and it made my eyes water all the time. Dry scalp and skin. Very tired all the time. Couldnt concentrate. Bad anxiety. Bags under my eyes. My cons outweighed the pros..Unfortunately :( I took accutane twice..the first time my acne started to come back after three months and then I took it again with the same
  3. Day..Idk. i've been on accutane 10mg for almost 3 months. My face is clear. Thank goodness i think i'm finally completely done with breaking out! I still have some blackheads for some reason though. Is that normal? and my pores look huge in natural light. But besides that, all I have left is red marks and they are fading slowly! but i'm happy. I was talking about accutane with someone the other day and they were like "you're face looks so smooth" WOOOTTTT. i've been super busy.. college s
  4. Dang its been FOREVER. lol. I've been on accutane for about two months. Well My skin is breaking out. Its just been up and down. but I think its cause i'm stressed and i've been using everyday minerals make up and that irrates my skin, and i've slept with it on a couple times. Never again. so i'm not sure if its due exactly to accutane. But who knows. I'm getting pale and noticing bags under my eyes. Ahhhhhhhh. I switced to dans cleanser cause i felt like cetaphil wasn't getting my make up of
  5. Kind of a little break out there, but no new ones for a couple days. Lets see.. I'm no longer going on vacation because I was suppose to go with my boyfriend and he dumped me the other day for another girl. Accutane + Heartbreak = Not so fun.
  6. Well I'm breaking out some again. I dont know why Boooooooooooooo. I go to florida next week I hope it stops by then.
  7. Day 40? I think lol. I have been so busy, its really harder to keep up with this thing than I thought It would be. Well my skin is doing really good. Still on 10mg. Its just been improving. Except, I did get a few pimpes along my jawline but thats nothing. I've consumed alot of dairy lately so I think thats it. I also noticed a few things since last week. I lost my appetite for a few days. My lips will be incredibly dry one day and okay the next. My eyes were really red for a while I guess
  8. day 32 Hey Everyone! Well my face is starting to feel really smooth. I love it I'm still on 10mg a day and its been a month. My back is totally cleared up, and looking good. It wasn't that bad to begin with but now there is nothing back there. I started taking Vitamin E, about 600-800 IU or so a day for about a week now and I feel like that has helped some with old red marks. I also got some emu oil from the health food store here. It has Emu oil and Vitamin E. The first night I put it on,
  9. I'm wondering about this too. I wear Estee Lauder double wear and it is so hard to get off. I always feel like some of it is staying on after I wash my face. I use vaseline for my eyes though, it takes eyemake up right off haha.
  10. gLx - I actually really like the Cetaphil with spf 50, and I'm getting use to the sunscreen smell now, haha. It's not greasy at all! I wore it today and I was outside for an hour in the HOTHOTHOT sun and I got a little red but not bad. It does the job pretty well! I think you can get the jojoba oil in the acne.org store on here. I saw that it was like 15 bucks, I think. I've never used Cerave for my face but I use it for my legs and arms. It is great! Royallypurplex - Ahhh yay, someone else i
  11. Hey Everybody! Heres a little about me. My name is Jennifer. I am 20 years old and 135lbs. I first got acne when I was around 12. Thank you, puberty. To cut things short my acne has been mild/moderate and persistant since then. Antibiotics worked for a while, but eventually they stopped. and I've tried almost every over the counter topical. so i talked to my derm about giving me accutane and now i am on 10mg a day! I was scared about the side effects so he put me on a low dose. I have alre