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  1. Comments deleted. See the original posting for an update.
  2. Wow. I wrote the original posting on this topic and I cannot believe that it is still active and is one of the longest discussions on the website. I never expected more than three or four people to even read this and I have not been back here since July because I thought interest would quickly fade away. You are all long overdue for an update, so I will write a comprehensive one. I have some exciting new information for everyone. Sorry for taking so long. I will be sure to check in when I
  3. I am taking 500mg of "Spring Valley Flush Free Niacin" which says 'inositol hexanicotinate' underneath. I got that at Wal-Mart for $8 bucks. Research on the internet says that 2000mg/day is the max to take without the danger of liver damage, so I am staying well below that. I do not claim to have any idea how it works, but my acne always became more cystic in proportion to how much vegetable oil I consumed, and niacin is used by the body to help remove triglycerides. So that sort of makes se
  4. I feel your pain, man. Please check out my other post. Hope this helps.
  5. January 2011 Update: This was originally a posting about how taking niacin quickly eliminated my chronic cystic acne. I had been plagued by skin problems for more than 15 years. No treatment would help and no logic could explain how my complexion could get better some weeks, and then get seriously worse others. Even less helpful were the 7 physicians, including a dermatologist, with whom I spoke over the years in efforts to find a solution. I will just give the major details to keep this