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  1. MY 3rd day using it topically at night as well as internally. So far the results are amazing, i was in the middle of a breakout and it is subsiding very quickly and my skin feels smooth!
  2. I ingest it orally as prescribed by a homeopathic doctor, and it is working to clear my skin, slowly I might add though. I havent tried using it topically but i think i will try and I will let you know what kinda results i get.
  3. OK guys Im going to be as brief as possible cause I know I dont want to read everyones life story with acne. Most simply put Ive had mild to almost severe at times acne and nothing ive tried has worked, I was placed on multiple antibiotics including acutane (twice) with no results. After getting fed up I went and saw a homeopathic doctor, he found that I have a bug in my system that isnt reacting well with my skin, causeing the acne, this is called the demodex mite. Its just a mite that lives
  4. A lot of mixed opinion here about vitamins.... Im still skeptical, im going to stay on the B5 cause Im just not sure what to do next, but it sounds like its not going to do much more for me. but on the other hand if i dont stay on it for a while I may never know if it would work...
  5. 10g a day. Accutane helped temporarily the first time, the second time it didnt do anything at all, my dermatolagist took me off of it after months with no results.
  6. Well right now I am almost 3 weeks into the B5 megadose and Im starting to get fristrated cause im still having big breakouts. My skin does seem less oily but, still soar whiteheads around my mouth/cheeks. In the past I have been on many antibiotics and accutane (twice), I have also tryed many diet approaches and Dans regimine, all with little if any success. Searching the boards b5 was the last "miracle cure" that I could find so I have been taking 10g a day for what will be three weeks as of
  7. I feel the exact same way. When I go to a party and its completelly dark out and I dont think anyone can see my face my personality comes right back, and I love it. But as soon as I am concious about my acne I cant look people in the eye anymore, I look down at the ground while I talk and Im always nervous and paranoid that people are staring at me.... I sometimes lay in bed asking God why he has done this to me I just want to be the person I really am...
  8. Hey there, about three weeks ago I started drinking green tea in the mornings and evenings unfortunatly I havent really seen to much improvment in my skin, but I still drink it because after a while it gets kinda addicting and its antioxidizing so its really good for you regardless if it helps your skin or not. As for the green tea, I drink the "stash" brand green teas that you can get at your local grocery store, they make some really good flavors like pomegranate which is really good.