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  1. Mine got progressively worse over a period of four weeks before finally clearing up. Specifically, my skin was dry, flakey (which has never been a problem for me before), and produced oil to try to balance itself. This, on top of slightly worsened acne. I was very close to shipping my acne.org order back for a refund, but stuck with it because I was using the somewhat similar Acnefree regimen before this, and the cost per month is approximately the same, but the acne.org regimen comes four times
  2. Same here. I decided to try out Dan's regimen and ordered a few days ago. I received the box today and there was evidence of water damage even on the outside. The inside of the box looked like it'd been soaked and dried, and there were still several wet spots where it had leaked through the receipt and onto the box. Like the rest of you, it appears that it was the moisturizer that leaked. I weighed the bottles and the moisturizer weighed a bit less than the other bottles at 8 1/2 oz (packaging i