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  1. I have one more month on accutane and everything is going fine except I get rashes on my arms ever now and then. I use lotion everyday but I was wondering if any one had any advice on how to avoid these dry rashes or a certain type of lotion I should be using.. thanks!
  2. in regards to the make up, i've been using bare minerals since the beginning of my course and it worse great. It never looks cakey and you only need a little to cover it up. Of course it doesn't cover everything up perfectly but it soon will when there really is nothing to cover up.. good luckk!
  3. im on acctuane and i'm not on birth control because i'm not sexually active. it totally depends on the dermatologists, i tried to switch doctors in the middle of my course so get one closer to where i go to school and they would except me as a patient because i wasn't on birth control so it depends on your doctor because ipledge definitely accepts abstinence.. some doctors i guess don't believe we're not sexually active lol
  4. hey guys! I'm glad everyone is mainly seeing progress that's awesome! I just got from 2nd month appointment to start my third month and my cholesterol levels are high and my doctor told me to take fish oil tablets. I'm a little nervous because I already take fish oil tablets because my cholesterol levels have always been high, it's not because I don't eat well, it's genetic. I barely eat red meats, eggs, cheese, because I know I have high levels. I really hope this doesn't cause me to come off b
  5. It's a shame that websites aren't tangible.

    If they were, you could just hit it and curse at it, then you'd automatically figure it out. Like with TVs......or children :o:P

    1. lol hey! i didnt know how to respond last time you wrote on my guest book thing, i really have no idea how to work this webstie hahaa

      1. What's updog? .....

        Nothin dog, whassup wif you?

        1. Hey guys thanks for all the encouragement. My doctor told me the first three months will be hard but i just want them to be over I really can't wait till it's over i have a big countdown and everything... I have to leave school on homecoming weekend to go back home for a doctors appointment, accutane is really taking over my life and it sucks! I guess i feel a little excited that my skin will one day be clear but it seems way to far ahead. my breakout cleared up but i still have a few blemishes
        2. how did you last 4 months without drinking on accutane! i'm having a hard time not drinking while at college... i thought i could do it because i never needed to drink but this is tough watching everyone drink and not being about too.. i'm drinking as soon as i'm done theres no way i can wait 6 more months after these five that im on accutane
        3. Keep your head up Mageee!! I know it can be tough living with acne. I know I haven't started accutane yet, but I know what it is like to not want to be seen, even by your own friends. You said that you don't want to be seen by your friends because they all expect clear skin since you are on Accutane. My advise to you would be to sit down with the friends that you trust the most and tell them what you are depressed about and explain how Accutane really works. Let them know that it gets worse befo
        4. have you tried updog?

          1. i know i def wouldn't rather party then have clear skin i just want to be able to party with clear skin it's so frustrating watching my friends with beautiful skin and not have to worry about it... i'm feeling really down and out about this breakout i don't want to be seen by my friends because all they expect is clear skin since they know i'm on accutane.. i dont feel like leaving my room and not coming out till january which is the end of my course
          2. hey! i'm really struggling on this accutane, i'm a month and a half in and my skin is just getting worse. my skin cleared within two weeks on accutane and then after that just continues to get worse and worse. I'm trying to look on the bright side of things but it just isn't working, i count down the minutes until i'm off of it, i'm totally obsessed. I also am having an extremely hard time with not drinking on accutane. I go to college that has a big party environment and it's killing me. I have