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  1. Below is a picture of my redness and Dark eye circles. I think the redness might be caused by my chemical cleanser - what do you guys suggest doing? Here's the link: http://yfrog.com/3r26102010055j
  2. Guys I am completely sick of my glowing red nose at 17 years of age! I look like an old man thats been drinking whiskey for the last 50 years ...... My Derma said he thinks it's exzma but it is constantly red (Though water seems to aggravate it even more) I also have a red patch on my forehead thats clearly visible. I'm not the best looking guy at the best of times and having got over severe acne recently I should be at an all time high for confidence - but I'm not as my skin still has bad spo
  3. As much as I'd like to agree with you I know for a fact I look more attractive in the summer months as I get more attention. The main issues I have with my skin are the differant colours - its awful. Also I was right about my eyes as I have liver AND Kidney inflamation at the minute due to prolonged use of anti biotics for acne - hopefully the medicine for those will also get rid of my rings. But I'm still left with the BRIGHT red nose and forehead. If I was pale with my face all the same shad
  4. Morning: Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser Exzma cream for nose and forehead Cetaphil moisturiser Night: Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser panoxyl aquagel 2.5% Cetaphil moisturiser - or dove summer glow moisturiser some days. I also plan to use st ives gentle apricot scrub every sunday. I don't have really bad acne after taking accutane however I've been getting more and more whiteheads on my forehead and nose area. I have very sensitive skin. I'll also be taking zinc, vit d & fish oil supplemen
  5. I always seem to feel more confident and get more female attention in the summer months as I tan well - but then it the winter it goes horribly wrong as I go ridiculously pale. This wouldnt normally be a problem but I have purple rings under my eyes and red patches on my face so it's an instant turn off. I'm thinking off going to the doctors as I go so pale people always ask if I'm ill and the black eyes could be another symptom but in the time it takes to resolve that issue I'm thinking of tan
  6. I hope I don't come across as rude here but do you have any evidence to back that up miss.chaNel? I've only heard good things about them so far so I'd like to know of any negatives.
  7. Does anyone do these? I'm thinking of doing some but want to know what the best ones are to boost jawline/give me a squarer jaw. Any sites I should check out?
  8. I did but I've noticed some moderate acne coming on my forehead so I'm starting Dan's regimen (Only going to use the BP once a day I think) Also now whenever I go outside or have a change in lighting my eyes are REALLY sensitive too it and i struggle to keep my eyes open. Is this due to the accutane and if so are there any sollutions?
  9. I was on accutane from around november/december last year to around a month ago at 10 mg a day. Now after doing more research I'm freaking out - Will i get many side effects at a low dosage for such a long period of time? I have already noticed more redness (Derma says it due to exzma though) What do you guys think?
  10. I'm looking to start buying good products instead of just cheap nasty ones for my skin. I've bought a cetaphil cleanser and I'm after: - a good toner for oily/sensitive skin - A moisturiser with SPF for morning use - Any facial masks to help clean skin/ reduce redness I don't mind paying extra for good products with no bad ingredients in them. Also I'm thinking of applying a light fake tan to try and even out skin tone (I have red patches and dark circles under eyes) would this increase oil
  11. I have a few areas on my face that seem to be constantly redder than others. My nose, centre of my forehead, chin and right cheek. I believe the chin and cheek are acne scars that have been there for over a year - and the forehead has been there ever since I got hit in the face with a rock when I was about 6 - but it's not a scar as sometimes it's more pronounced than others. I have no idea what causes the nose to flare up but are there any products that could help keep my face a similar tone
  12. Will a 16 year old still see results on the regimen? As acne is really starting to effect my confidence now (and crap supplies are effecting my wallet) and all treatments seem to fail! I've tried anti-biotics and azeliac acid aswell as numerous cleansers - and I'm starting to believe the regimen is kind of my last hope - Is it worth trying or will it not help with hormonal acne? Tom
  13. Bumping this thread as they're getting increasingly worse! Please help, I'm sure more than one of you on here will be able to give advice?
  14. I drink plenty of water - and eat very cleanly so I doubt thats the problem. It is only recently that it's started happening, and toothpaste might be a good suggestion - I'm currently using colgate triple cool stripe - has any heard of this causing acne before? Also - would a reaction cause acne to occur just in the one spot? I appreciate your comment - any more suggestions as I've seriously had enough.