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  1. I used to suffer from lots of blackheads all over my face, but mainly concentrated on my chin. I started taking Dianette 5 months ago now and it seems to of minimised oil production. I currently use clearasil ultra pads in the morning http://www.clearasil.co.uk/ultra-deep-pore...atment-pads.php After using these i use an oil free moisturiser and then apply makeup. In the evening i use these clean and clear salicylic acid wipes followed by another moisturiser http://www.boots.com/en/Clean-Cle
  2. The postman delivered my clean and clear wipes this morning, but no one was in, and as they were too big to stick through the letterbox, he just left them on the doorstep. Anyway with how cold its been, the wipes have frozen :/. Ive brought them in to defrost, but will i still be able to use them effectively? They contain salicylic acid, does this still work after its frozen and then defrosted? Thanks
  3. I've got some Boots Skin, Hair and Nail tablets i was thinking about taking. I know they say they are for skin, but im just wondering if any of the vitamins will cause acne: Vitamin D- 5ug Vitamin E- 40 mg Vitamin C- 60mg Vitamin B1- 8mg Vitamin B2- 4mg Vitamin B6- 10mg Folic Acid- 500ug Biotin- 45ug Pantothenic Acid- 40mg Iron- 12mg Magnesium- 24mg Zinc- 15mg Selenium 100ug Copper- 750ug Manganese- 0.5mg Evening Primrose Oil 286mg Containing Gamma Linolenic Acid- 23mg And Cysteine HCI- 10mg P
  4. So a while back i got a few tiny blackheads on my chin, all together in a small cluster. One of them got inflammed so i was naughty and squeezed the crap out of it. Eventually i managed to get the 'puss' all out. This was about a week ago, i noticed some tingling in the area yesterday, and when i washed my face it hurt to press in that area. I noticed after the area was purple/red, its NOT a lump though. What is this, the start of a cystic pimple, thats just happened to come up in the same place
  5. So, i normally get rid of my blackheads and comedones using my own special method (posted here somewhere). I was wondering though, what happens if you just leave them? Do they actually go away by themselves, or do they have to be extracted to go away?
  6. This is a picture of a blackhead: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/im...llsize/2087.jpg Theres also more infomation and another picture here: http://www.acne.org/whatisacne.html Check out my post below 'How I Got Rid Of My Comedones, Without Medication' for tips on how to remove them. I know the method ive listed is for comedone extraction, but ive also used it a few times on random blackheads and it works really well.
  7. Im a bit confused about what youre actually asking, to me they look like large pores, there may be some tiny scars there too. Overall though id say youre skin looks good, there are pore minimising cleansers and toners out there which might help, but all ive found they do is dry out your skin, making it 'tighter' so the pore size seems reduced. Im guessing your skins probably a bit sensitive as youre on accutane and these products would probably just irritate the hell out of it, so it may be wise
  8. Hi, I only use the Tea Tree Oil after ive cleared out the blackheads, because its strong antibacterial action stops the newly cleared open pore from becoming infected. I cleared out my blackheads at night (one night forehead, one night chin), and then applied tea tree oil to the area. So i only used the tea tree oil a total of twice. I cant say i noticed my pores were smaller, as i dont have large pores on my forehead or chin, i only have them on my cheeks/nose. So far not a single blackhead
  9. I had lots of tiny comedones, normally i would pick and squeeze these (using tissue paper around fingers) and with a lot of pressure, eventually release a tiny 'worm'. However, due to the picking, the area would almost always be left very inflammed and scab over, eventually falling off and leaving a redmark. I tried leaving them alone, but they just looked awful, and very noticable. I tried using a blackhead/comedone extractor and that didnt work, i also tried applying topicals and that didnt do
  10. Does anyone know what happens if you just leave comedonal acne (clogged pores) alone, ie, dont treat with BHA or AHA's. Also dont pick? Does the gunk underneith just absorb back into the body, or just sit there 'dormant'??
  11. Has anyone tried either of these products, how well did they work for you?
  12. Just looked at your profile and seen youre on the regimen. I would reccomend using the regimen to get your inflamed acne under control and worry about the clogged pores later. You may find that the regimen actually helps get your clogged pores under control (for some people it does). However, if it doesnt, once your skin is fully adjusted to the regimen you can add in new steps (eg salicylic acid) to help get the clogged pores under control. Once again, do not add these new steps untill your ski
  13. I think its comedonal acne/clogged pores. Regular exfoliating can help, along with using products containing an AHA or BHA (e.g salicylic acid). I have this problem too, i use a face wash with exfoliating beads daily, and a pore cleansing mask twice a week. You can find out more by doing some research on this site using the keywords comedonal acne or clogged pores. That should give you more information, there is a regimen (Paula's) for treating comedonal acne but cannot be used while inflammed a
  14. So i just used a facemask, when i washed it off all of the blacheads on my nose had gone (hurray). Thing is though, i know by the morning they will be back (happened before). Could someone please explain why they do this? Thanks