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  1. i love mac blot! i wear it over my mineral makeup at the beginning of the day then halfway through i blot with sheets and blot powder. when i wear pver almay clear complexion liquid makeup, my face is matte for ages. great combination, but none of the foundation shades suit me that well
  2. i have a really really greasy t zone but my cheeks are normal (sometimes dry) and i've had acne ALL over my face but only have red marks on my cheeks. they're so stubborn but yeah, from my experience, i think oily skin has something to do with skin being less prone to hyperpigmentation
  3. this sounds great! does the aspirin act as a preservative so i don't have to keep it in the fridge?
  4. I would look for cold pressed and un-refined. The refined is usually clear, you want gold color. That is usually the only difference, other than organically grown. thanks so much! exactly the kind of response i was looking for. and high five to team vegan with acne!
  5. this is a pretty silly question, but on the topic of jojoba oil, does it matter what brand you buy? is all 100% jojoba oil the same in terms of quality?
  6. i have the rareminerals blemish therapy and i'm not sure about how effective it is. because i wear mineral makeup, i wanted something that would treat my acne but would also work well with mineral make up. my acne did slowly get better but i'm not sure whether it's due to this product or the bazillion others i use on my quest for clear skin. one thing i can certainly say is that the sulfur in it is stinky!