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  1. Day 71... roughly I haven't been on in a while. It is insane how easy this course has been in comparison to the first time. I've had two spots. The blisters that I reported last post disappeared after a couple of days and I haven't had a repeat since thank goodness! I put moisturiser on every morning and night, use Lucas paw paw on my lips, and they haven't been a problem. The only thing worth mentioning is my back pain. It's been really sore this past week, but that might be because I'm doing
  2. Day 23 I lost my prescription. Fark. It was so frustrating. Luckily the derm didn't mind giving me another one, but because I work full time I had to ask my sister to collect it and it was a hassle. And I was so annoyed because I didn't lose it at all during the first course. Anyway... My skin started itching at work yesterday, and I couldn't help but scratch and rub. All I had on was moisturiser, so I wasn't sure what it was. I put it down to hayfever, but I went to the bathroom and noticed t
  3. Hey guys, So I'm 20-odd days into my second course of Accutane, 60mg a day. All was going well but yesterday my face started getting itchy, and today my cheeks and chin are covered in what look like tiny blisters. When I scratch or rub (still itchy) it feels like they pop, and when they dry they crust over and have a yellowish tinge. It is summer her in Australia, and I haven't been putting any sunscreen on my face because it makes me break out, but nor have I been in the sun much. I'm in an o
  4. Day 20 I can't believe that I am finishing my first box of Accutane today. Incredible. The time is flying by with very minimal side-effects thus far, all that are very manageable. My lips are dry, my skin is flakey, and I have been getting mild back pain at work. My earring have irritated my ear lobes which are now dry, so I have stopped wearing them. My scalp is dry too, so I will have to go back to using the Neutrogena T-Gel: it worked a treat last time. If I am being honest, my skin is look
  5. Day 7 I started putting BP onto the small cyst that was coming up to the left of my mouth, in preparation for when it rears it's ugly head. However I think it caused me to break out elsewhere on my chin which sucks. Or it could be the IB. Not sure yet. My lips are starting to dry out, I am constantly thirsty and my left knee is quite sore. Otherwise things are going along pretty smoothly. On another note, I submitted my final report, so if I pass I have finished my Masters! Current mood: Ecs
  6. Day 5 I just ate a massive piece of chocolate cake, and now I feel ill. I considered vomitting it up, but I am fairly sure that it was such binging & purging behaviour that resulted in my need to Accutane last year. So I am going to suck it up and learn from it. Next time I feel like eating something disgusting like that... don't! Hahaha. Today when I walked up the stairs at home my knees hurt. *sigh* It couldn't possibly be having an affect after 5 days, could it? Although I started gradu
  7. Day 3 So far, so good. It is Spring here and I suffer from hayfever, so my headache and sore eyes could be the hayfever or tane. Unsure as yet. I went out last night and had a few beers and I felt fine, but I think that I will take it easy on the alcohol throughout the course. I've been trying to drink as much water as I can. Currently my skin has no actives. Just two areas either side of my chin that had break outs a couple of weeks ago and are still clearing up. That's it for now. I will
  8. You're being paranoid hun. Put it in perspective. You have a couple of spots. They will clear. Don't let it get you down. *hug*
  9. Hey chick. Good to hear that it's all starting to clear up. All the best for your blood tests!
  10. Day 1 I popped the first two pills this morning. I am scared, but I'm feeling prepared to face whatever may happen. I went to the pharmacy and bought Lucas paw paw ointment for when my lips crack, eye drops for when they get dry, Cetaphil moisturiser for my face, and I have a stack of different moisturisers for my body. As I walked to the station on my way to work I was already imagining how much my joints are going to ache. I just have to keep telling myself that it is a means to the end. Th
  11. The Beginning I never thought I would be here again. Well, I guess I just hoped I wouldn't. But I am back for a second round of Accutane, and as with the first I plan on keeping a log to document my experience, mainly as an outlet for myself to vent, but also to communicate with other org kids. At first Accutane appeared to have been the "cure" to my bad skin problems that I had been hoping for. I was on a course for five or six months last year, and by last November I was clear except for r
  12. That is one crazy arse diet! Do you think it is working for you? I used to feel sick on Accutane if I didn't take the tablets with something fatty, like peanut butter on toast in the morning etc, so that's something to consider. It's frustrating with acne how everything is simply trial and error. But my fingers are crossed that this course works for you. Your skin is looking really good. It's going to be fantastic by the time you're done. Keep us posted on your progress. x
  13. I'm sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you. x
  14. Hey spunk. Sorry to hear that your skin is playing up again. I went off the pill a few months after I finished my course of Roaccutane, and I broke out almost immediately. So I reluctantly went back on the pill, and my skin has cleared up again. Are you on a CP at the moment? Good luck!
  15. Thanks for the well wishes! I'm really happy with how my skin is looking. I have the occasional break out, but it hasn't really been getting to me. I just chuck a bit of BP on it (although I swore it made things worse, it's been helping of late... weird). During the day I don't bother about wearing foundation- only when I am going out at night and want to impress. Haha. The red marks still linger for a while after the breakout subsides, but thankfully the majority of the red marks from when I wa