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  1. Thanks for the replies, I have spent a few hours today searching for info on light therapy for skin issues and am even more confused than I was before!! Like sanjo mentioned, I do not see the use of LEDs as something trivial but am struggling to get good genuine advise on the issue. My doctor wrote light therapy off pretty much right away and said that I would be throwing my money away so now I have had to resort to trying to sift through masses of daft sites and moronic articles in a bid to tr
  2. Hi guys and gals, Having been rolling for 8 months now I am finally going to take the plunge next month and get myself some LED lights. I would like to get the best unit(s) to help scarring and also promote collagen growth to keep my skin looking healthy. I would also appreciate if anyone had any links to articles discussing light therapy as the mojority of what I can find online is nonsense and the truth is that I have struggled to find much genuine factual information that advises on Led us
  3. I am very sorry to hear that you are feeling so low. I think it is a good idea to lay off any more harsh products as you said and I would also go to the scar treatment forum here and start looking into "dermarolling" as it is aimed at improving scarring and skin texture. Skin texture can be improved but it is worth noting that in our 30s collagen production decreases so older looking skin is inevitable but I understand where you are coming from. Rest assured there is hope!
  4. Oh and I have a few very mild scars on my temples which I believe have started to respond. Don't get carried away though as the temples seem to be one of the more sensitive spots and seem to bleed quite easily.
  5. Sorry for the delay in not posting sooner, the kids take up all my time these days! Did my 5th roll last month, went well, worked on scarred pores as well, thought for 10 days that my pores were responding well but then realised that the improvement seemed to be temporary Paid more attention with this roll and noticed that the areas where I have my ice pick scars seem to bleed when rolling quite a bit more so than other unscarred areas or areas with rolling scars. I am not sure if it is the c
  6. Seriously guys, check out the dermaroller, 6 months and my scars are about 30% better. This isn't some bullshit sales pitch, I just feel your pain Had dating issues for years but now married with 2 kids and a gorgeous wife didn't give a damn about my scars! I did and looked into treatments, found dermarolling last year and haven't looked back. Good luck guys and gals, there is hope these days!
  7. When I click on My Menu nothing happens. Looks like there should be a drop down menu of some sort but none appears. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
  8. I have dropped my roller into the sink on 2 separate occasions, bent the needles both times. Finished my roll once with the bent needles but will NEVER do it again, far too risky, you don't want to tear skin like you said. Personally I think that using a roller 2 or 3 times would be fine but I am no expert.
  9. After rolling I wash my face gently with hibicrub, dry it then use the Bio Oil. Have had no issues doing it this way.
  10. Buuuuuuuump. I use hibisrucb and some dettol diluted with water on cotton pads. I am not a medical expert though, this is just what I do for me and it seems ok.
  11. I have very little time for people like you but here goes. My photos don't really capture my scars very well at all, I have a lot of ice pick scars on both cheeks and some on my forehead. Just because they are possibly not as big as your scars does not mean that they have not caused me a lot of anguish over the years. If you really must know, my 6 year old niece asked me one time in a crowded theatre what was wrong with my face? The house lights accentuated the large gathering of albeit small
  12. Just a note to say that it was only really after my 3rd roll that i began to see real differences. It's not like you wake up one day and think wow my scars are going but you see changes in time and one day you find yourself looking in the mirror and realizing that your scars are going and that is an incredible feeling! Rolling doesn't appear to have done much yet for my large pore though these past 3 weeks my pores look to have tightened, can't say 100% for sure that this is the case though so
  13. I am sorry for not updating this thread sooner but I am have been up to my eyes with the kids this past month. I just want to let people know that after 6 months (4 rolls) my skin is incredible in terms of scar healing! I have mainly ice picks on my cheeks and a few on my forehead and all have responded well with about a 40% improvement! My confidence is much, much better, I am happier and I have hope again!!! Hopeand belief that in 12 months time my skin might just be close to scar free. I neve
  14. How do I change my account email address? I am shutting down my current email account as I have had bother with it.
  15. You'll be on Oprah one day with all your hints and tips! Think we should start referring to you as Doctor Overcome! Thanks for your help, have gone green, look forward to giving the tablets a go as sorting out my insides ie. cutting out most rubbish that I used eat was the best thing EVER to happen to my acne. Hopefully it's onwards and upwards from here on in.