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  1. i get the same reaction from proactive, been back on for a week. i think you just need to get use to the bp, your skin is just sensitive. i also apply their moisturizer, but it also contains bp. these symptoms usually subside but the benefits are worth it!
  2. i do believe there are worst things than acne, but acne can contribute to the worst there is. having acne makes you feel and look in pain ALL the time. b/c u may be dieing from some disease, it doesn't stop you from living every day like there is nothing wrong, u can see friends and go places like there is nothing to hide. acne makes you feel crappy 24/7. i would rather have a broken arm or something else happen to me then put up with acne all my life. also you have to understand the severity an
  3. i say do it. if you truly hate acne like me, anything is worth a shot if it has helped so many.
  4. i know that now. why did i stop. i guess once your skin starts to clear, so does your care for treating it. omg, i cant belive im breaking out again. i finally had it good, then "BAM", i had to do something stupid like take the cheap way out of it. well i can clearly tell that i will never stop breaking out and i can only hope to control it. thank you for any replys, im new to this forum b/c some idiot in another keeps posting trash and messing it up for everybody. i cant even find my post in th
  5. but what if im a repeat customer. i used it like 2 months ago and got off due to price and switched to Carley's which i thought was similar but am now back on Proactiv. do you think the results would be altered some how or be the same, as bp never stays in the system and bacteria doesnt come resisten to it.
  6. has anybody tried or use proactiv. proactiv seems like the best thing out there than trying to figure out all different typse of acne products to put together as an acne regimen. anybody have luck in a recourse of this product? b.c i just started using it again
  7. who here recommends one or the other. would you prefer benzoyl peroxide(proactiv) or salicylic acid(proactiv)? i tried proactiv b4 and it gave me good results but stopped and am tempted to either go back to proactiv, scared if it doesn't work as well, or murad b/c i heard some good stories about it. i have oily, very moderate acne and am currently using Carley's and 4g b-5. any suggestions?