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  1. refuse to stop? your future you will hate you if you continue. good luck
  2. There's absolutely more to life than pure aesthetics. Don't let accutane and its side effects get in the way of letting your little light shine. 3-4 years ago: anxiety, minimal social life. Today: I occasionally do amateur stand up and take impromptu drop in classes all the time. Don't let this one life choice prevent you from living because time won't stop. It'll keep ticking ... that's a guarantee.The self wallowing does nothing but exacerbate your side effects and sleep issues in my perso
  3. All of our bodies are unique which is why I try not to speak in absolutes. I still have cold hands and feet but I may have always had cold hands and feet. The accutane rabbit hole can go as long as you want it to. you can literally attribute break ups to accutane if you wanted to. Experiment and jot down the changes. Ill be honest, I had no expectations and I simply did things to become a better athlete. It was never with the mindset of trying to recover from accutane, I didn't think it was po
  4. I can't give you an accurate list of my side effects but this is what I remember: Very annoying joint issues and aches Dry eyes Dry very brittle hair No facial hair (100% back. I didn't think I Was capable of growing one until I looked in the mirror the other day and saw a full beard looking back at me.) From 20-27, nothing. I'm in my late 20's and I refuse to believe it's a sheer coincidence. Some erectile issues but my hormones and thyroid were also shot. So were a lot of my other readin
  5. I'll preface this by saying this will most likely be my last post ever on this subject. My parents and doc let me down, I absolutely regret having ever taken this. With age and perspective it's clear as day why the product appeals to so many people. The worst part is they're taking advantage of a very vulnerable age group, it was pure vanity on my end and insecurities. I also despise the fact doctors and vested interests 'objectively' present side effects %'s. It isn't you, just go in assuming t
  6. Hey SClippers, I recognize your name from other various accutane hair loss threads. Did you ever see any improvement? Ye but I appear to be in the minority. Drastic improvements actually.
  7. You'll never know until you try. I would be very careful with that and I'd highly suggest spending a couple of months thinking it over before deciding to venture down this road.
  8. Dubya - I think I took tane in 09 and my symptoms progressively got worse until maybe the half year mark. Other minor concerns bega to crop up as well. I think I finally started noticing in the mirror improvements 3 years after, and oddly enough, it was the in '12 that I saw most of my improvements. IIRC, I was feeling 50-60% better in 11/12 before it catapulted to 95% in the last year. It's also why I'm not sure if it was simply a product of the waiting game or making so many lifestyle adju
  9. Hey, I haven't been on here in quite sometime but that tends to happen when you're keeping busy. I acutally came back to PM an old time friend to touch bases. I've heard of Simpson oil and it uses in managing cancer, but that's about as much as I know. I'm guessing that you guys buy bud and make it yourself? At least in my case, I was constantly suffering from bouts of depression and paranoia. It wasn't so much that the men in black were out to get me as it was my own self defeatist attitude. I
  10. I'm proof that there's life after tane. I hope you all the best and I'd be open to hearing you out if that's what you feel you need
  11. Talk to someone about it. If you let it go unmanaged it'll take sap your life force from you without you ever being aware of it. Talk to a friend. If that's too awkward PM a random stranger. Write about it even.
  12. How time flies by. I lived in an abyss of darkness post-tane and I still don't know what exactly transpired throughout those years. The human body never ceases to shock me and I only took the drug for two to three weeks at most. It really did a number on my pysche, or perhaps taking the drug took my mind from neutral and put it in overdrive. Odd time to check in but I just wanted to say hey to anyone I use to converse with on here. I'd also be open to talking to anyone over PM if you hav