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  1. My first time box (ordered exactly what you got - three 16 oz bottles & the AHA) just came in this morning, and though it looked nothing at all like yours, the moisturizer did leak out a bit. It wasn't much at all for me to worry about - just a little mess on the top of the bottle to clean up. My package did not have the plastic wrapping that I see around the top of yours though - not that this really matters. Did the USPS even mark the box as damaged? I am sure Acne.org will take care of y
  2. Hey plainjane83, Thanks for the list of products. I second the Dr. Bronner's Peppermint. Please don't get upset about what I am about to say, but I just want to make a point. If you are going to exclude products such as honey & emu oil for the cruelty to animals - which I completely understand and support your view to some extent- wouldn't you as well exclude prescription medications? Prescription medications are required by the Federal Government to be tested on animals during the precli
  3. Ditto. I received my 16 oz bottles - cleanser, treatment, & moisturizer - today and specifically the moisturizer was the only one that was leaking. The pump top was popped open. I didn't loose much, it was more so the mess it made on the bottle. At the same time, I'd prefer to save the environment with less plastic packaging.
  4. Hey YaDaM86, Welcome to Acne.org! I actually did try Murad for three months - personally it wansn't helping at all, not even initially. I like to try my products for a good amount of time, at least 4-5 months, however this product was showing no results what-so-ever for my skin. I was pretty upset because I had heard good reviews from the product, but not all skin is the same. I then moved to Clean & Clear products > didn't help at all. Now I'm about to start the Acne.org Regimen with Da
  5. Thanks a lot everyone. I appreciate the feedback!
  6. Lifting weights is going to increase your testosterone levels some-what. Hormones, such as testosterone, have been implicated in acne. So the increase in your workout routine could possibly cause the hormone levels to be out of synch - once a workout regimen is established the hormone levels could even out, allowing the acne to subside possibly. I would just make sure after your workouts you are cleansing your face.
  7. I would think that it would reduce the effects and process of the drug working on your body. The drug is suppossed to be given for a specific amount of time - 15-20 weeks - basically missing a week would throw this process off. Accutane has a half-life of 10-20 hours > this means that after 10-20 hours the amount of drug in your body (60 mg) is cut in half (now 30 mg). Since you were taking the drug at 12 hr intervals (twice a day - 30 mg each time) the amount in your system was staying at
  8. When prescribing spironolactone for the use of acne, the typical dosage is between 50-100 mg daily, while many physicians may begin a prescription at 25 mg. So, I would not say your dosage is too low, you are in the target range. If you don't feel the spironolactone is working as well as you would want it, then you should talk to your doctor. He/She will get the cues you are giving and either up your dosage - if he thinks it would be ok for you - or he may try something else. I do not know y
  9. I think birth control has mixed reviews on whether or not it can treat acne. One thing is that though it may help your acne, you may have to go through an initial flare up of acne due to the increase of estrogen and progesterone the birth control is providing. It may take 3 months or more for your body to reach an equilibrium with your own hormones and the hormones being provided by the birth control > untamed acne for this period. So, basically birth control's effectiveness with acne is a tr
  10. This topic just frustrates me so much because I really don't know what to do! (1) Do I just use the face wash to take off my makeup - however, then I feel like I didn't get it all off and am going to clog my pores and make my acne worse (2) Or, do I use a makeup remover towelette before I wash my face - but this could just irritate my skin more with the excess rubbing How do you all do it? What products do you use for it? I plan on starting the Acne.org Regimen & products at the beginning
  11. I'm going to be starting the Acne.org Regimen with the use of Acne.org's products in July. I've read that it is good to take supplements like zinc & flax oil (vegetarian). In fact the website stated that taking Zinc "may help the Regimen work faster." However, I also see that many times Dan states to just start out with the Regimen and not add anything to it for the first month or longer. So, my question is, when should I start taking supplements - when I begin my Regimen or once my Regime
  12. Ditto to the above comment!