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  1. Best Product: Mac Powerpoint Eye Pencil - soft & smooth application, doesn't smudge, last forever. It's getting low though & MAC is far away from me, so maybe I will try the Revlon - hearing good things about it. Also Nivea lip balm - it's so soft Best Tip: Eyelash curler can work wonders; lighter concealer/powder around your eyes & lids really brightens them up
  2. Or you could order the cleanser and moisturizer in the 8 oz bottles and the treatment in the 16 oz bottle. Thus, the double size bottle would make up for using twice the amount of BP. Just a thought = ) . Also, I think some people may only use the BP at night, which in the end would work out to them running out around the same time.
  3. I personally do breakout the following two days after getting my eyebrows waxed. I just get very little white heads in between my brows and on the tops of my brows. I pop them - which I shouldn't - but then they are gone by the next two days.
  4. Our journey began today! I'm following your blog to keep updated on your progress! Best of luck to us

    1. Isopropyl Myristate is very high on the scale for being comedogenic and it is somewhat irritating. I also read on a website that said is was an ingredient in rust remover... I personally would not risk using it, and would not recommend others to use it either. Sorry.
    2. Hi Lauren, I'm not on accutane, so I can't help you there. But I thought I would just let you know about the accutane forum in the message boards. You may find better results there to help you out - as I have read about others using accutane that have endured breakouts through their treatment. Best of luck, and don't get discouraged
    3. I just started the Regimen today using DK's products & should be getting my order of jojoba oil any day now. I read that it was ok to add the jojoba oil into your regimen right away because of the drying & flaking the BP may cause. So, I was looking to add things nice & slowly. For instance, here is how I will add the BP to my regimen: Week 1 - 1/2p @ night Week 2 - 1p @ night Week 3 - 1/2p @ morning 1p @ night Week 4 - 1p @ morning 1p @ night Week 5 - 1p @ morning 2p @
    4. Hey Laurie, we started on the same day! Can't wait to see our progress. I didn't use the BP this morning, but I would assume it would take you less time to spread the smaller amount around that Dan's 2 pumps would. I understand not posting full pictures of yourself (I didn't), but I did post sectional views like you took. I have to update it with today's pictures. I think my pics are private (don't know how I did that), but I need to take that off so everyone can see. Well, best of luck. I'll ke
    5. If it worked once, hopefully it will work again. Best of luck Pink Melodies!
    6. Ok, so it sounds like a consensus lies that I should not wash my face for a third time. Thanks everyone, I appreciate it!
    7. Thanks, mine worked when I added you as a friend - Idk what happened with yours =) ? I really liked Physician's when I used it - been awhile since I have. Well, I just started the Regimen!

      1. Thanks for answering my question in my blog - much appreciated!

        1. Welcome, that's what were all here for! Sorry it got cut short - I'm here in South Florida, so I understand that heat & humidity
        2. I have read numerous posts by many of the members, who just like me, have their acne spread to other areas. For instance, for 3 years or so my acne used to be contained to both cheeks - and it was very rare for me to have pimples on my forehead or chin. However, within the last year I have had a constant surge of pimples on my forehead, chin & jawline as well still having them on my cheeks. Any thoughts or explanations why this is?
        3. Hey, I was trying to figure out how to add you as a friend, but I have no clue how : ) . Since will both be starting the regimen close to the same time (I'll be a week behind) figured we can keep each other updated & pass on encouraging words!