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  1. For all you mineral makeup users out there:

    1. Do you use a primer?
    2. Why do you use or not use a primer?
    3. When do you put the primer on (especially if you are using the regimen - it seems like it would be a lot > cleanse, treatment, moisturize, prime, makeup)?
    4. What primer do you use & what MMU?
    5. Is it worth it?
    6. What's your view on primer and acne?

  2. Hmm... just want to double check you are not taking niacin supplements because a common side effect of the vitamin is flushing. Also, a lot of cholesterol medications have niacin in them too.

    Niacin is found in many foods too, however I don't know if increase food sources of niacin would cause the same side effect of flushing like supplementation does.

  3. I'm confused by your question, so others might be too. Do you shave or not, and are you asking if you have to shave for the regimen? If you are I think shaving is truly up to you in the end. Keep in mind that acne is a disorder of the hair follicle, so you might want to look into whether or not it is better for someone with acne to shave or not.

    As for when you should wash your face. I would say wash when you wake up at 3 am then when you get off around 2 pm. This would give your 12 hours in between washing, wish you should try to do. The only thing is you wouldn't be doing the regimen at night before bed which may feel weird, and I don't know what you are doing once you get off work. Just keep in mind that you should space 2 washing between 12 hours.

  4. If this question has already been asked, I do apologize - 99 pages is just too much to go through. And thanks for everyone's replies on the thread, they have been such a help!

    I'm about to order some samples and need some help. I'm having trouble choosing my color, but I'll figure that out somehow, right? What I'm confused on is which type I should choose: original glo, matte, semi-matte, or intensive. I've been trying to read on here and on MUA but there is just so much and I haven't found the detail I need to choose which type.

    I'm wanting a much more natural look; NOT shiny - as in a sheen, kind of like how bronzer is, don't want that; good coverage for my red marks; but NOT cakey. My skin is the type that tans easily and doesn't burn- I guess it is somewhat naturally tanner. I have no clue as to whether my undertones are golden or peachy or whatever they were stating on the website. My hair is medium brown and my eyes are green. Matte sounds appealing to me, because I guess that's the look I want, but semi-matte sounds good too, don't understand intensive, original glo sounds like what I'm not going for, but maybe I'm wrong.

    Here is a picture of my skin (cheek) from my acne.org photo log. You can check it out to get more of a feel for my skin tone if you want. This is a much better picture of my skin, as in acne wise, then the rest of the log, but I figured this picture had more of my natural skin color displayed than just tons of acne.

    Thank you so much!



  5. What are the ingredients of the gel? I would probably say just stick to one. I think your skin would get irritated by switching back from one to the other constantly. If the gel is working pretty well for you, then why not just stick with it, ya know?

  6. Interesting thing to ponder... I would have to say the former. The type of food we put into our system is the culprit for so much more than just acne (a great read to learn even more about this is the China Study). But in all truth, how does fasting from food for a moment help with acne when one will just go back to eating it after the fast? *Unless by fasting you meant more along the lines of abstaining. Either way it is all an interesting contemplation.

  7. but I heard when you go to a dermatologist, all they do is prescribe pills/cream repeatedly until you find the one that works for you. I felt like that was just stupid/wasting money.. Is that really true?

    Yes it's true. Isn't this why you are going to a physician? In order to get a prescribed cream/pill, something you cannot get from a drug store. Everyone's body is different, so unfortunately there is not just one pill/cream that will rid you of acne - this site wouldn't exist if there was. So the physician has to go through a trial and error period in order to determine what will work for your body. It is frustrating, but again everyone is different.

    Money wise: It sounds like in the end, both options are going to end up around the same price (obviously depending how many treatments you get and if you have insurance). I would make sure you read up on the skin care massage before actually doing that, see what reviews acne.org bloggers have to say.

    Best of luck

  8. Hmm... the rash is brown, that sounds different. I know that it can break you out in a red rash on your body, which is a severe side effect and should be stopped if it does so. I don't know your skin color, but if you are olive or darker skinned the red color of a rash could be masked.

    In order to be safe, I would stop taking the medication for today since you will be talking to your physician tomorrow. Missing one dose will be okay. The rash should eventually go away either when your body gets used to the drug or you stop taking the drug.

  9. I love this, great idea and thanks for bumping this thread!

    Name of product: Almay Smart Shade Makeup

    Type of product: Liquid foundation

    Shades available: 4; light, light medium, medium, medium deep

    Coverage: light

    For skin type: combination

    Best for: it will the unaffected acne areas of your skin an even tone, but it does not to a good job at covering up acne scar (I use this as a base then apply powder)

    Suggested application: fingertips

    Ease of application / blendability: easy to apply, blends nicely

    Wear: not for long wear, however longer use can be maintained by setting with a powder

    Skin preparation: wash face before applying & moisturize - though it is not overlying drying

    Works well with: I've only used w/ Bare Escentuals founadtion - did a great job

    Benefits: Hypoallergenic, natural looking, won't clog pores, skin feels hydrated, doesn't look oily, naturally adjusts to your skin tone (it actually did a great job at this for me), goes on easily

    Problems experienced: doesn't cover skin imperfections when used alone; adding more will not cover any better

    Price: $12 +

    Size: 1 oz / 30 mL

    How long it lasts: 3+ months

    Availability: any drug store

    Other comments: If you want something you can throw on quick and easy and are not worried about hiding your acne & scars perfectly than this works alone

    Overall score out of 10: 8; 5 (in terms of acne)

  10. I've made a hobby out of donating my hair to Lock's of Love - I'm very fortunate to be blessed with fast growing hair so why not give to a good cause right?

    Anyways, I always try to keep my hair in tip-top shape for this. My tips are, which may not work for some, but the key is less is more: don't dye hair, very minimal use of products, decreased heat - if you blow dry your hair then don't straightened it to, or vice versa, and limit your heat usage to as much as you can -air drying is always best.

    Product wise: Biolage > if you are willing to pay the money & a great cheap deep conditioner is Garnier Fructis Fortifying Deep Conditioner > I have tried so many other conditioners and this one is truly amazing for the price! Deep condition at least once a week, possibly two. And don't wash your hair everyday, I do every other day and if you can sometimes go more than do that.

    A new fave shampoo & conditioner is John Frieda Root Awakening = so soft :wub:



  11. If you are taking oral antibiotics I would not recommend increasing the dose. You were prescribed a specific dose for a reason, and if you increase your dosage you are also increasing your risk of side effects. For instance with higher dosages of erythromycin you are more apt to have nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

    The other thing, if you are seeing results with your current regimen, why risk ruining a bad thing? Rushing things is not going to get you better results.

    I don't see any harm in increasing the BP to 5%, though Dan's regimen follows a 2.5% plan, stating that anything more is not useful. So if you are following a strict DK plan, than don't.

  12. Love your initiative, I think that is great. I agree with electricfeel though, I need some tanning before I could try that. I do only wear it twice a week, as of now, though.

    i cant take the challenge now cus im getting married in 6 days.

    But once i tried the no washing regimen once and lasted without washing or makeup for a week lol.

  13. Check out this link to figure out what type you may be suffering from.

    Inflamed acne: papules, pustules, nodules & cysts

    Non-inflamed acne: soft closed comedones, hard closed comedones & open comedones

    You could also post us a picture of your acne and maybe someone could let you know what it looks like.

    Hope this helps!

  14. I have not used tetracycline. A side effect of using tetracycline is a brown or yellow discoloration of the teeth. However, this is only on developing teeth. As your permanent teeth develop, the calcium of the tooth is exposed and this is what the tetracycline binds to leading to a discoloration. It binds to this because the enamel of the tooth has not fully developed. This process occurs until one is about 8 years old. I'm sure you are older than this, so your teeth should be well covered with enamel, thus being rather impermeable to the effects of the medicine. Even still, this is a side effect, however dosages of tetracycline for acne are typically lower than dosages for other uses of the medicine. Keep in mind that the braces alone are going to cause discoloration of your teeth. If you are still worried, just make sure to brush your teeth often and take good care of them. Also avoid/limit things that may wear away the enamel of your teeth, like sodas and smoking.

  15. Yes, once

    Additional questions:

    How old are you now (almost 22), and how old were you when you first fell in love? 15 (4 year relationship > high school sweetheart)

    Was the love mutual, or one-sided? Mutual

    Have you been in love several times, if so, how many? No, just once

    Do you find it easy to fall in love? At the present, no

    Did you ever think you were in love, but it was really infatuation or obsession with the fantasy/idea of that person? No

    How did you know you were in love? Simple, the feeling was effortless. It was not that he completed me -I don't think another person is needed to complete someone - but that so much more was added to my life that I didn't even no could.

    For now, I must be content and complete with myself before I am ready for the next time - I have so much to accomplish. Until then... :wub:

  16. Does the phone actually have to touch the face for the bacteria to get on your face?

    I would believe so. Not that bacteria are not capable of jumping, but I think it is more of the action of the phone laying flat against your cheek and rubbing.

    I do think that the constant rubbing of a cellphone against your cheek can cause bacteria to get onto the skin causing acne > which then leads to irritation of the acne by holding the phone against the area. I don't know if this would necessarily be the underlying cause, but I think it just adds to the acne battle. I know I have a touchscreen and after talking on the phone with makeup on, there is makeup residue all over the screen. Just do what bunchesofsunflowers said, and wipe the phone down before using it - at least do it once a day.

  17. I would give the cream twenty minutes to absorb before applying moisturizer. I have not used that product - so it also depends how thick it is. Or once you think it is dry, just add an additional five to ten minutes.