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  1. Pre-regimen pictures & weekly pictures of progress from start date 7/1/09
  2. Thanks for the replies! I think Im going to try a primer out. Now I have to decide which one. Monistat and forever HD were two I was looking into. But I will Look into all of these. I live in Florida so I really think this will be a great investment for me. Will just take some time to figure out what works for me.
  3. For all you mineral makeup users out there: Do you use a primer?Why do you use or not use a primer?When do you put the primer on (especially if you are using the regimen - it seems like it would be a lot > cleanse, treatment, moisturize, prime, makeup)?What primer do you use & what MMU?Is it worth it?What's your view on primer and acne?
  4. I can totally agree with you that the beach and water to wonders for your skin. But be warned, it's only temporary, and it might just cause a bad breakout in the next month. I have read about other members using salt water to wash there face here is a link to the reviews on it.
  5. I would follow the instructions too. But if for someone reason you decide not to, then I would slowly increase the dosage to only 2-3 a day. Avoid taking aspiring too, due to the possible increase risk of bleeding.
  6. Hmm... just want to double check you are not taking niacin supplements because a common side effect of the vitamin is flushing. Also, a lot of cholesterol medications have niacin in them too. Niacin is found in many foods too, however I don't know if increase food sources of niacin would cause the same side effect of flushing like supplementation does.
  7. I'm confused by your question, so others might be too. Do you shave or not, and are you asking if you have to shave for the regimen? If you are I think shaving is truly up to you in the end. Keep in mind that acne is a disorder of the hair follicle, so you might want to look into whether or not it is better for someone with acne to shave or not. As for when you should wash your face. I would say wash when you wake up at 3 am then when you get off around 2 pm. This would give your 12 hours in be
  8. If this question has already been asked, I do apologize - 99 pages is just too much to go through. And thanks for everyone's replies on the thread, they have been such a help! I'm about to order some samples and need some help. I'm having trouble choosing my color, but I'll figure that out somehow, right? What I'm confused on is which type I should choose: original glo, matte, semi-matte, or intensive. I've been trying to read on here and on MUA but there is just so much and I haven't found the
  9. What are the ingredients of the gel? I would probably say just stick to one. I think your skin would get irritated by switching back from one to the other constantly. If the gel is working pretty well for you, then why not just stick with it, ya know?
  10. That's so great!!! I'm really glad you are having such awesome improvement.
  11. Well you never know, maybe its an ok side effect, you'll find out tomorrow thought. I hope it all works out!
  12. Interesting thing to ponder... I would have to say the former. The type of food we put into our system is the culprit for so much more than just acne (a great read to learn even more about this is the China Study). But in all truth, how does fasting from food for a moment help with acne when one will just go back to eating it after the fast? *Unless by fasting you meant more along the lines of abstaining. Either way it is all an interesting contemplation.
  13. Yes it's true. Isn't this why you are going to a physician? In order to get a prescribed cream/pill, something you cannot get from a drug store. Everyone's body is different, so unfortunately there is not just one pill/cream that will rid you of acne - this site wouldn't exist if there was. So the physician has to go through a trial and error period in order to determine what will work for your body. It is frustrating, but again everyone is different. Money wise: It sounds like in the end, bo
  14. Hmm... the rash is brown, that sounds different. I know that it can break you out in a red rash on your body, which is a severe side effect and should be stopped if it does so. I don't know your skin color, but if you are olive or darker skinned the red color of a rash could be masked. In order to be safe, I would stop taking the medication for today since you will be talking to your physician tomorrow. Missing one dose will be okay. The rash should eventually go away either when your body gets