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  1. I've actually been thinking about buying this stuff for a while, before I saw this thread. From that emustore.com, should I get the Emu Oil Moisturizer or just the Pure Emu Oil? I'd be layering it on top of DMAE and under sunscreen.
  2. Yeah, I didn't mean to put anyone off here, so I apologize if I did. However, I didn't think that this forum would only cater to those with moderate-severe scarring. Believe me when I say that I can sympathize since I had to have subcision treatment on quite a few ice-pick scars last year. I have a mild case of OCD, so I'm aware that the pics of the light scars I posted might seem ridiculous to everyone else, but that doesn't mean it bothers me any less. I really only wanted to know if any lig
  3. Do any of these products (Mandelic Acid, Green Cream, DMAE, CP Serum, Retin A) work to remove light, superficial scarring or shallow pit scars? The majority of my skin problems now have to deal with blackheads and a few leftover light scars, most of which are little pit scars on my nose or cheek.
  4. I've uploaded a few pictures so I could possibly get some more input before buying anything. Apologies for the gross closeups. The scar at the front of my nose (on the right) is the one I was referring to in my OP. Can't catch it on camera, but it's slightly raised. All the other scars circled in these pictures are slightly depressed/pitted. Granted, I know the scars don't appear that bad, but they really get on my nerves. I have school coming up in a couple of months, so I'd like to s
  5. Much thanks. I think I'll look into the silicone sheets for the raised scar. As for the little pitted scars, I'm thinking about going with the dermarollers (needling). However, I'm not sure exactly what size (if there are any) I should get. The small scars I have on my face and nose are rather isolated and I had heard that dermastamps may be better for the nose, so I don't know which derma tool I should buy. If anyone has any suggestions as to where I can buy them as well, I'd appreciate it.
  6. That's encouraging to hear. Are there any specific creams you could recommend for it? Also, since we're already on the subject...I have a few small, circular and shallow pitted scars on my nose. One in particular that's a bit deeper than the rest but like the others, if I stretch the skin around it, it appears flat (albeit darker) with the surrounding skin. I was told at one point that TCA cross would be an option, but I really don't want to risk making an even bigger scar in the process.
  7. I have a scar on the right side of my nose that's been bothering me for quite a while. It came from a huge zit I had way back in 03-04 or so, and the scar has been there ever since. Unfortunately, I can't take a clear picture of it at the moment, but it's basically very slightly raised (extremely hard to tell unless looking really closely from the side in a mirror) and it has a straight gash or line through it. It's not deep at all and if I gently stretch the skin around it, you can see that. H
  8. Can anyone confirm this? If so, it'll save me a lot of time and money if Green Cream is already a retinoid.
  9. I have a regimen I will be starting soon. Many of my friends and a few people here have said they've seen great results so I figured I'd give it a shot. However, it was suggested to take Retin A (during PM, before or after dinner) and I'm not sure if I'll be able to receive a prescription for it. Are there any products that I could buy online or in-store? I'll be using Mandelic Acid 10% and Green Cream as part of my regimen, so I suppose I should use a very mild Retin A product to start with? M
  10. I did some searching around and found what I was looking for. However, I still need a suggestion for Retin A. There are multiple strengths and I'm not sure which one to go for. I'll be using it along with the products I listed in my post.
  11. Can anyone recommend any good brand names of the products listed above? I want to start this regimen soon but there are tons of products for each.
  12. Pretty much ALL of the blackheads I ever get are concentrated on my nose, and are generally kind of deep. I also get a few on the sides of my nose where it's really hard to push out. I was just wondering if anyone knew what were the best methods of removing them without squeezing them all and possibly damaging the skin? I've tried pore strips, and while they do work for the ones closer to the surface, they really don't do much for the deeper ones. Also, when I finally get rid of them, what form
  13. That was my thought as well. However, if it had been systemic candida, it would have shown up and that didn't seem to be the case. Either way, I had taken several anti-fungal and candida supplements/cleansing systems for it (renew life candida products and even 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide) and none of them seemed to work. I suppose I could ask him again as to how he found out I didn't have it. I guess I should also mention that I exercise at least every other day, I only drink water, and
  14. By the way, as of right now I'm still taking the supplements/powder. I only wash my face twice a day and moisturize afterwards.