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  1. Well there are some other things that come into my mind for this situation. Make sure you exfoliate your skin, at least once to twice a week. Another way that could help you is to mix your moisturizer with your foundation. It will thin out the foundation and be less "cakey" on your skin (better results if you also use a primer). However, it will give you less coverage, so you might have to layer it. I probably said this already, but stick with a foundation that is creamy. Maybe tried Maybelline
  2. I just use a Brita filter. As other peolple have said, tap water is just fine. However, sometimes tap water has a nasty taste, which is why I choose to use a Brita filter. It just taste's less nasty after it runs through the filter. Anyways, bottled water is pretty much a gimmick anyways, which is why I stopped drinking from bottles and stick to the faucet. The only time when I will buy bottled water is when I'm traveling or I'm just that desperate. Other than that, stick with just tap water, t
  3. As Lyssa suggested, make suer you apply a moisturizer under your skin. This should help reduce the dryness and help fill in the lines. Also try using makep geared more towards dry skin, since it should be better for type of situation. Another thing to try is using a makeup primer, which can help prevent foundation from settling into lines and pores. Other than that, have you tried using a tinted moisturizer? A tinted moistturizer is less heavy than foundation, but doesn't have the same amount of
  4. Um, choose a concealer that is labeled noncomedogenic. It's your most safe bet. Oil-free is also a great thing to look for in a concealer, but it's not a guarantee that you won't break out. And since your a guitar-player and all, you might want to find a concealer/powder that is sweatproof or waterproof, just in case you get a little wild during a performance . You don't want the makeup to sweat off... The only things you'll need if you just want to use a concealer is: - A concealer (noncomed
  5. You could just use makeup remover wipes, and then follow up with a gentle cleanser that cleanses and moisturizes your skin. Makeup Remover wipes like Neutrogena or Pond's are nice. Cleansers like Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser or Eucerin Sensitive Skin Gentle Cleanser are nice cleansers too (I do not recommend Cetaphil gentle cleanser. It leaves me with a greasy feel). Another option is cold creme. Pond's make a cold creme and so does Noxzema. I've never really used a cold creme, so you migh
  6. Both bars work relatively the same, but it's like you mentioned, one has Triclosan while the other does not. I kinda think you answered your own question, but I don't know all the ingredients in both soaps. The only thing I might say is different is that the one with Triclosan might make your face drier than the other soap without the Triclosan. And that's the only main difference I can think of.
  7. Hm...may makeup bloopers as a guy: 1. Using any foundation on my skin, regardless of if the shade matched. This by far is probably my #1 blooper. I think I used a medium shade once, and it was totally noticable 2. Not knowing how to blend/apply makeup. My second most major blooper. I think I didn't even blend it all. I just rubbed it into my face, and it was all cakey These are the only two major mistakes I can remember about starting with makeup. Nowdays I just look back at my earlier mo
  8. Well, as a guy who wears makeup myself, there are different ways you could use makeup. You could just try using a concealer and powder. Based on your picture, your acne doesn't look sooo horrible (or at least I think so). So you could just use a concealer, and then use powder over it. Foundation has more coverage, but is more difficult to apply/choose. If you choose to use foundation (base), it gets more difficult because you have to make sure you use the right shade or your makeup looks obvi
  9. Nice article, but I don't think it really belongs in the cosmetic and style. There is forum for shaving-related topics, so a mod will most likely move this thread to that category (or not). I'd like to add a couple more tips on shaving with acne/acne-prone skin. I'll try to explain in a step-by-step instruction, so it'll be more easier to understand. - For starters, I like to shave after my shower, since my face is clean and my pores are still open from the heat of the shower. To me, that's t
  10. I'm more of a Neutrogena lover, so without even thinks about which to choose, I would choose Neutrogena. But then again, that's me. Most of the time Neutrogena is more "cleaner", so I guess this would support my claim. Maybelline seems to never impress me much anyways, so I would choose Neutrogena.
  11. I've found that Vaseline helps with the dry, flaky spots around my mouth, lip, and chin area. I use it usually at night, since its a little too thick for daytime usage. I even recall using it as a deep moisturizer, since I had a bad reaction to something and my face was all flaky. I left the Vaseline on for about an hour, and then I washed it off. Overall, it did a fair job. However, this is just me. Other people may say "Vaseline made me breakout" or anything of that sort. But for me, vaseline
  12. Hei! I've heard of people using this method of switching cleansers before. I for one do this. However, not by choice, just mainly by experimentation. For example, I use to use Purpose Gentle Cleanser (I used it for about a year and a half), but later on it started drying out my skin, so I switched back to Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser. That one is waaay to greasy and leaves a nasty film on my face (which expresses my loathe of all Cetaphil products. Nongreasy my ass). So then I switched to Neutrogen
  13. Wow...it's been awhile since I saw this posting about Estee Lauder... I still have the same bottle, but there is barely anything left in it (I'm keeping it to use for a special occasion). Plus, I can't get the rest out of the bottle without using a Q-tip, which I don't want to do since it will absorb the foundation too much.. Anyways, I wanted to buy another bottle, but now I'm in college, so paying $30-40 for a 1 fl oz bottle of foundation is too expensive for me. I went el cheapo and got Revl
  14. Your welcome I mean the oil itself. Usually you will find either tocopheryl extract or tocopheryl acetate (which is pretty much vitamin e, or at least close to it. And for all you know-it-alls out there, don't judge me, I'm just explaining the basics). But you can buy Vitamin E oil itself, and just use that a moisturizer (I've yet to try it, but I might eventually since I've read it helps out with redmarks). Either you can buy the oil, or buy the Vitamin E supplements and "extract" the oil f
  15. Here are a few brands that have Jojoba oil that I know: Desert Essence (has both organic and non-organic types) Aura Cacia (I think its just plain jojoba oil. Not organic). Brands for AHA: Alpha Hydrox (I can only find this stuff online at drugstore.com or their brand name site. It use to be at Walgreens, but I don't see it anymore...) Aqua Glycolic (can be found at Walmart, Target, Walgreens. But behind pharmacy counter. You might have to order it...) Neutrogena: has some glycolic acid (AHA),