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  1. I haven't used their liquid make up but if it's anything like the mineral powder it will work wonders lol. The coverage of the pressed powder is amazing! I don't have many fine lines or enlarged pores so I'm not sure if it makes these more noticeable but their entire line is fabulous....you should try it! Expensive yes but completely worth it!
  2. JANE IREDALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They're all organic, mineral make ups, paraben and talc free........really good for acne/rosacea prone skin! I have Rosacea and I use the Pressed Powder only and it makes my skin look flawless! They also have liquid foundations and an entire make up line. It's called the make up line that's actually GOOD for skin. It has zinc in it too which naturally helps skin heal and is an anti inflammatory! It also has an SPF 20 in it. It's expensive.......but totally worth it!
  3. Even if the pressed powder does contain Mica trust me it's still worth a try! I have extremely sensitive skin, dry and red.....I can only wash my face once a day even in the hottest, sweatest, muggiest weather....I react poorly to every other product, including make up, moisturizers, and face washes, I've ever tried but this stuff doesn't bother me at all! It's given me my life back after years of struggling to feel good and confident again! Try it out!
  4. Jessicauofw

    Great coverage, reduces my reddness, has anti-inflammatory properties in it, great for sensitive skin, rosacea, acne scarring, doesn't make my skin look oily, easy to use, good for sensitive skin, paraben and talc free, has an SPF 20 in it, and doesn't make me break out, looooooooong lasting coverage as well........15+ hours, I also sleep in this every night and it doesn't negatively affect me! It is a bit pricey.......but it's worth it in my opinion Try it.....it's the ONLY make up line my skin
  5. Try the Jane Iredale line...........amazing mineral make up........no cheap fillers, talc and paraben free, and contains a 20 SPF! I've never been happier with my skin!
  6. I just wanted to pass along some awesome success I've recently had with the Jane Iredale make up line. I have a lot of reddness in my skin (rosacea) and a few red bumps and this make up line definitely gives the skin a flawless look! I use the Pure Pressed Powder........it's all mineral, no parabens and talc free, doesn't clog pores and contains an SPF 20 sunblock in it. It doesn't irritate my skin and when I ask people if it looks like I'm wearing make up the answer is always "no". It's also aw
  7. All I gotta say is.............JANE IREDALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out that mineral make up line, it's amazing!!!!! It's talc, paraben free, etc....doesn't break me out and covers my acne and rosacea.....it's great for delicate, acne prone skin, rosacea, seb. dermatitis, etc. It's expensive I'll admit but honestly, it's definitely worth a try!!!
  8. I've dealt with bullshit skin and Rosacea for about 1.5 years now.....thought of suicide it got SO bad.....I had an angel save my life by introducing me to two products that are full of ZINC (ZINC IS GOOD FOR ROSACEA AS IT'S AN ANTI-INFLAMMATORY).....all I can say is try Elta MD moisturizers and a make up line known as Jane Iredale.....it's given me my confidence back! Honestly, try it!
  9. It looks like Rosacea to me.....a good indicator is that you acknowledge you flush when in hot, stuffy rooms or when nervous. There are some things that can help......definitely make an appointment with a good Dermatologist and you should be feeling better about it Best of luck Nick!
  10. question.......why "is your life in danger"?
  11. Hey I'm not sure where you live but I know right now a lot of people are having problems with Rosacea flares ups due to weather changes, the slow progression into Spring. Maybe that has something to do with it. I know it's affecting mine I'm going to start on 500 mg of Tetracycline tomorrow to hopefully help with some inflammation. I hate this shit!
  12. I'm so glad you posted this! I recently also found out the benefits of Zinc. I went to a laser clinic and bought some make up called Jane Iredale and moisturizer called Elta MD.......both have 3% and 9% zinc in them.......I used it thinking "this won't work".........and it immediately calmed my redness and inflammation, I couldn't feel my skin burning anymore.........I look completely monotone and it lasted for 14+ hours (the length I had it on my skin). It didn't clog my pores or anything......
  13. Cetaphil makes a wash for oily to combination skin that would be a lot more gentle than Spectro Jel. Spectro Jel claims to be good but my Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon say it's full of harmful pore clogging chemicals. Your flushing could be a number of things....when you see your doctor asked to have some blood work done, be tested for Lupus, get your hormone levels checked, etc. As far as Rosacea goes it tends to run in the family.....but that could mean you had a great grandmother from way
  14. I highly suggest NOT using Saline Solution............all it is is a combo of distilled water and salt........salt will definitely dry your skin out and likely make it much worse! I've experienced what you're experiencing.......and was diagnosed with Rosacea. Your symptoms sound very characteristic of Rosacea. You need to be EXTREMELY careful and gentle with your skin.......if it's anything like mine, it will react to anything. I'm very fair and have very sensitive DRY skin. I wash my face with