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    Jogging, Rock-climbing, Hiking, Parkour (would like to learn), going the gym, camping, would love to do most of the stuff in 'Adrelaline Junkie', football, computer games, drawing.<br /><br />Would love to go swimming, like I used to but need to sort me body acne 1st.
  1. Hi, Im starting a new regime atm, since my last one didnt make the cut. Ive recently purchased Dr.Organic tea tree body wash which says 38% terpinen-4-ol on it and am unsure if it is any gud for acne treatment. So if any one knows if this would help my light body acne then I am looking forward for a reply.
  2. Hey, just saying you are not alone, my friends used to say 'I was on heat' lol. But now I dont even bother, every time I look in the mirror I dont see myself anymore (not looking in a mirror for 2 1/2 years will do that including these hideous red scars, although fading.....scars on my right cheek are quite deep ). I am hoping that my self confidence will turn around when I have my skin resurfacing procedure that I have been waiting for, for so long. Fingers crossed.
  3. I've been using Panoxyl 2.5% for the first six weeks of the Regimen, the only problem was I found I just couldn't use it twice a day without being very red and drt. So maybe when you're shopping look out for Oxy on the Spot 2.5% which is a lot milder and then alternate between the two. This worked for me to combat the dryness, redness and flakes. And I also highly recommend the jojoba oil from Holland and Barratt - I love it. Good Luck :) Will do thanks for the tip. :)
  4. The reason why your back is so dry, red and flaky? is because you probably have been using too much bp, using no mostiuriser and using 10% instead of easing into alot of 2.5 bp. I would stop it for a few days, let is heal for a bit until it doesnt feel so dry, tight and flaky then use 2.5 bp gel instead of 10 because the side effects should not affect you so easily. Basically look and copy dans regime and it should be fine, redness, tight flacky skin can be expected but should be subtle. hop
  5. Hey everyone, I started the regime 1.5 weeks ago (not using dans supplies, live in UK) and I would recomend everyone who hasnt tried it, to try it. I had very mild acne, but was getting worse once again. I broke out whenever one went away and I have litterly tried everything including bp but never the way dan tells you to. Within the 1.5 weeks of doing the regime I have not broken out which is looking good and making me happier, the only concern I have atm is the flakeness and the redness and
  6. Hey evryone I started a job as a retail assitant in Home & Bargins and the job is very physical, constant work and demanding, but ever since I have been working there I hav been breaking out all over my body, including my chest and neck which has never happened....Im paniking! Been thinking should I quit the job and look for another not so face paced etc or keep it and buy supplies so I can do the regime for the rest of my body? Any advise would be amazing.... (Sorry if its in the wrong p
  7. Your original post looks like something I would write. What happens with me more and more nowadays is that I would get a look of girls (whitsle etc) but as soon as they come close to my scarred skin they look away with disgust.....so f#### annoying and depressing but for a while now I'll just make my mind wonder and ignore everything/one else and its working for now, until I get these scars sorted out in some way. Im existing, but not living for now....
  8. Hey everyone my mum decided we should go on Holiday to celebrate me not in the constant hermit phase anymore. Problem is though I havent been out in the sun for that long I have fair skin and need some help deciding which sun cream I should buy (I live in the UK). Were going to Turkey around July and have heard that it really burns ya if ya not carefull. BTW - I would love and see if there is one that is non - comedgenic. Also Ive been lookin on the Internet and found a N-Com sunscreen called
  9. so its normal for bp to break you out in the 1st few weeks??? If so Im happy coz I started applying bp (last week thursday) but have broken out a bit and was worrying....
  10. Id be up for that Im from Liverpool but would travel down there to have a laugh with the lads/gals from this site. I wouldnt worry about big towns/citys the good points weigh out the bad.
  11. Thx for the read, defo will try a different approach to my diet. I recently have been thinking that carbs are my bane for break outs because if I remember correctly 2 1/2 years ago before the major breakout that ruined my life I was eating alot of bananas and some other foods as well. My back as just broke out again and recently have started eating a high carb diet so I will/am now trying out a low carb diet starting from now, and see what happens.
  12. I have hormonal acne, but its not severe. I breakout out always before that time of the month. Does accutane help that? Would you consider taking it? I didn't want to because of the side effects, but at this point I would try anything. You sound like a good candidate. When acne leads to such severe depression and you feel like there is no improvement in sight, accutane is the way to go. My brother is on it now, and he was having some real bad back pain. The doc told him to stop it until the
  13. Girls dont pay attention to you anymore looking at everyones clear skin looking at old photos feeling alone cant be the way you want/were crying randomly for no reason being unable to look at peoples eyes questioning everything cba with anything
  14. Hey Jelly I have just had a quick look and seen those pictures, to be honest I wouldnt worry medications the doctors prescribe do break you out to begin with because its getting rid of all the 'active' acne before it clears you. Stick with it and youll come out on top and feel better because of it. Ya still look stunning even with acne so I wouldnt worry about ait and keep ya chin up.
  15. Ive had a go of a few different brands etc. Although I did look better with them on, I didnt feel right with them on (it felt like I was hiding or something) so I dont use them anymore.

    But thanks for asking, means alot. :)