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  1. Sorry guys, that I waited so long with my reply. (busy weeks) Anyways, I want to share two things with you all, The first thing is, that kyou wanted to hear how I got clear. Well, I post it, but please don't start to discuss or argue this method here, because this topic simply isn't about that. So, what cured acne (in my case!) in one week, is deeper breathing and khm... well, no-ejaculation. The second (much more important) thing I realized is, that when I had acne, I avoided soci
  2. I'm finally 100% clear, and just started to pick myself up psychologically and socially. Other lucky people, who also managed to cure yourselves, how much time did it take you to recover from the emotional mess this horrible disease caused? To make new friends, flirt, hobbies and so on... And what did you do first? What's your lifes like after acne? just curious. ps. Sorry for my bad English.
  3. What kind of exercises did you do? I really need to know.
  4. Hey Geronimo. It's good to hear about your success. Could you share the exercises you did/do? (or some good online material) I must to get rid of my bad posture and heal my spine. Thanks!
  5. Hi Gxuvir! It's good to hear about your success. Cold showers and the no-soap method help my face and back as well. But the the result isn't 100%. How long did it take for you to see a bigger difference? I'm wondering if the use of towel does matter or not. Do you use towels, and if you do, do you usually rub your skin?
  6. This week I tried zinc (15mg), but I can see just a little improvement. Better than nothing, but not enough. So today I got 2*15mg, once in the morning and once in the evening. I hope that it can help me.
  7. Day 9 I noticed this huge breakout on day 8, new pimples formed and 3-4 larger aliens too. But today morning just a few pimples formed and I can feel now, that they are healing. So I'm happy or something. I can not see new pimples on my face or back. The existing ones are healing. Cooool!
  8. Hei guys, what do you think; having sex and masturbating means the same in this acne-thing? Because I don't need masturbation, but I need sex. What do you think?
  9. Try not to drink liquids what were stored in plastic bottles.
  10. It's day 7 and my face isn's so bad, but today I had some new pimples, but they are not so ugly, so that was the barrier, and I'm on my way to a clear skin. Hey guys, how about erections? I had it and I hope, that it has no impact on my condition. :S Any experiences?
  11. hi fantasia? What's up? :D im clearing up!

    1. im on day 2, and my face looks like crap red marks and many many small pimples.
    2. So the plastic-thing is about every kind of liquid from plastic, dont drinks, what were stored in plastic. You can eat such foods, but dont drink. With masturbation restriction, this is my 100% cure. I can explain you why are plastic bottles cause acne. I wrote a topic about that. There is a material, bisphenol a in plastic containers, what dilutes to the stored liquid. And its scientifically proved. Google it. Bisphenol A is a xenoestrogen, so it mimics human estrogene hormone, what makes a me
    3. Okay im back, because my pimples just went away. Masturbation was one of the two causes of my acne. This whole thing is very complicated. If I tried to abstain from masturbation for three weeks I didnt see huge improvements, and then I found out, that drinking from plastic bottles also contributes to my acne. So I masturbated and I didnt drink from plastic bottles and my face was 100% clear and the red marks had gone in 4 days but then my pimples came back gradually. So. Whats the conclusion? Do