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  1. I believe those are scars.... when it all heals up (redness fades), you will be able to see your skin has slight uneven bumps.
  2. good news, this thing is pretty much gone. no clue what it is... but squeezed the crap out of it and now it's flat. you can barely see it up close now. finally..... good news, this thing is pretty much gone. no clue what it is... but squeezed the crap out of it and now it's flat. you can barely see it up close now. finally.....
  3. another pic... I think it is a good improvement just only after a few days. not really noticeable now and it doesn't stand out as much as before.
  4. After a few days, there seems to be big improvement. Well I squeezed it quite a bit so the bump became smaller. Seems less noticeable now. The red part in the pic is healing skin, but there are still a small small bump (unsure if this is acne or not). It is zoomed in.. Maybe I should do another squeeze and hopefully it will get smaller and smaller? I use polysporin on it and it seems to be healing a lot faster than normal. Polysporin works great.
  5. I have a derma appointment next month, so will ask him.
  6. I am unsure if this is an acne still or not but I tried to squeezed it to make it more flatter cuz it is a small bump (blood still comes out, unsure if it is acne blood or not). Then I put polysporin for it to heal, and then morning I put make up to cover it. What I noticed that makes it look better is using a razor to shave the excess skin off, it works. It looks less noticeable and cleaner now.
  7. really? nobody can help tell me what this is? from far away it isn't that bad, but close up it looks like some sort of bug bite or something. I think it started as a small scab then I picked at it and got bigger. problem is, it doesn't seem like it wants to heal correctly. I think I got it during a stressful time...
  8. Hey guys, I am not sure what this is.... it seems to be a hyperpigmentation/scab on my forehead. This is troublesome because this is right on my forehead and I've been using some sort of make up to cover it for the past few months. Are there any over the counter stuff that can help my clear this up? One thing is, I've picked at this for some time because when it heals, there is a layer or some skin that grows over it and it just looks weird, so I usually just... clear off the excess skin/gro
  9. For some reason, when i get zits, if i get one on my right side of my head, I will also get one on my left side of my head. Kinda mirrors each other. Is this just me? or just me? If i get a zit on my ear left ear i will get it on my right ear as well.
  10. Well, i think it has been almost 3 years since i've been off accutane, i've taken accutane 2 cycles. Im 19, one thing is, i've notice that my hair is very dry and skin is dry still. I mean seems like my natural oil has decreased, and my hair line receded quite a bit. I feel like i lost my youthful skin, and felt accutane caused some wrinkles on my forehead. I read that accutane shrinks your oil glands, but i feel that withut my oil glands, i feel that my skin isn't the way it used to be, Is
  11. Im coming to an end on my 2nd cycle of accutane, however, im kinda paranoid because i had a few really really really small breakouts and it is freaking me out. Im total clear and lately ive experienced like 2 spots really really small i think it might be the cause of skin irritation--rubbing skin on rough surfaces. Im thinking of coinsidering Vitamin B5 or something any info on what i should do? I don't want to put BP on my face because it seems to dry out my face and i like my skin to have natu
  12. I don't know if B5 works, from my experience the only brand of B5 that actually cleared me up was acnemiracle. Brands i've been through are evolution-x, trophical, and went i go off b5 for a day my skin becomes oily. I went back on accutane so im droping the amount of B5. However i don't know if diet is affected to acne according to me.
  13. Ive been on B5 for 2 months but it wasn't enough to battle my acne. Now im back on accutane. 2nd time. I think accutane is the only that will actually work.
  14. im just wondering... will my face flare up like my first time on accutane or will it not? because i've been on the b5 therapy for 2 months but haven't seen much results and then somehow the doctor just prescribed me accutane again today.
  15. Anyways the doctor prescribed me a second time on accutane its been 1 yr since i finished accutane. But im so scared that my face will turn into a volcano again by face isn't bad just nothing is respoding to it.