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  1. Everyone is different. It took me a while to realize that CHEESE IS THE MAIN REASON that cause me to break out. I was on medication doxycycline and spironolactone. Well this medication does help in controlling my acne but does not cure me completely. I refused to be on Accutane. The type of acne that i got are always the CYSTIC ACNE. I will always hv like 1 or 2 maybe 3 breakouts even with those medication. Before that i will hv like 6 7 breakouts so i know for some reason this medication
  2. Silver nanocyclic. Just started using it for a week n my skin showed tremendous improvement. Check it out. They hv a website n u will read amazing reviews. I tried this cleanser n am so happy someone recommended it to me
  3. I know how it feel. 7 mths ago i went through the same thing. U really need to stop picking them. Leave it alone. Usually on the forehead, it will burst by itself. usually right after a shower. Only then u can gently squeeze out the pus. Cystic acne are spreadable. If ur a female, go to a doctor and talk abt taking spironolactone. I took that and it helps. Im using a good cleanser now. Its called nanocyclic. Google it. N its not that expensive. Good luck.
  4. 7 mths ago, my face was being attacked by cystic acne. It was horrible. i cried every time i look at myself on the mirror. My forehead, my left and right cheek, my jaw, u name it. N to make matter worst i was all alone. My husband was deployed to Afghan. It was depressing. And not to mention the ugly scar those bugger left on my face. Seriously i got like 8 cyst on the forehead, 5 or 6 on each cheek and abt 2 on the chin. I was really miserable. I went to the doc n was prescribed anti bi
  5. I got the same problem too. I used to only get one of 2 on my cheek. Until 6 7 mths ago, it started popping on my forehead. N they kept coming too. Now my fore head is cleared smooth but it migrate to my cheek. My right cheek was bad. Now my right cheek finally smoothed out, my left cheek is acting up. Not to mention the horrible scar they left behind. The scar on my forehead is slowly fading away but my cheek, omg its really bad. I hate looking at myself in the mirror. I was on the medicin
  6. usually cystic scar took a while to fade. But im sure within 6 mths u will see it gone. But if u cant wait that long u can try look for a cream with active ingredient hydroquonine. If i spell it right. I got that cream from the derma n the doc told me it help speed the fading process. Good luck.
  7. So u were prescribed 50 mg twice a day. Thats 100 mg a day. May i know how much u weigh. I weight 152 pounds n my doc prescribed 25mg twice a day. I been on Spiro for almost 2 mths. I seen some changes but i still break out on my cheek n jaw line. I was thinking maybe my dosage was not strong enough. I might need to go back to the doc to change the dosage for me. But my forehead is clear tho. It took like 6 weeks to get to where it is now.
  8. I was on Mino for 2 mths. Clear my skin really good. Then 6 mths later i broke out like crazy. I got like more than 10 cyst acne. Its all over my face. My forehead, my left n right cheek and also jaw line. I went back to the doc n get the Mino n it dun work anymore. Went back again n doc change it to doxy n spiro. Im still breaking out tho. But now my forehead is clear just some scars that i know will take a few mths to be gone. But my cheek is still giving me problem.
  9. Ohh yeah usually those acne will burst open after shower. Hmm sadly they do scar. But u can minimize it. When it dries up, do not pick on the scab. Let it dry n let the scab fall off by itself. That will minimized the color of the scars. But as times goes by it will eventually fade. They hv cream for those acne scar that hv hydroquonine. If i spell it right. That will speed up the process of getting rid of the scar. Good luck!!!
  10. My GP prescribed me Spiro with no problem but he did tell me what is Spiro actually. He said it was supposed to control high blood pressure but it does help ppl with acne problem. I took it n it helps with my acne. Took more than a mth and finally see the diff but hey we all know acne takes time to heal. I even went to the derm n the derm told me yeah spiro took a while to kick in. Some ppl takes 3 mths to finally see a huge diff.
  11. Do not give up hope. I know how acne can get to a person. Trust me i been there and still battling with cyst acne. My forehead is finally clear of cystic acne but the scar is still there. I know it will be abt 3 to 4 mths before i can see any changes. I still hv like 2 or 3 cystic acne on my cheeks. And the scar on my cheek only make me sigh whenever i looked at myself in the mirror. Ur not alone. Theres a lot of ppl who suffered acne. Anyway since the cream and the antibiotic that was
  12. U know i had the same problems too. Cystic acne appeared and then gone n i got to deal with scars n before long a new one will appear again. Happened for the last 2 3 mths n now i got all this horrible scar. Still battling like abt 4 or 5 cystic acne. On Doxy and Spiro as im a women. I wont leave my home without my make up as i got to cover my scars. It really look horrible. Makes me sad whenever i looked at my skin in the mirror. So tired of hiding behind my make up. I m due to go for
  13. If u cant afford accuntane try doxy and spironolactone. It will be at least 2 to 3 mths before u see any diff. But at least u dun hv to go through the agony someone trying to pop that severe acne. And lerosett mask. That mask only cost 34 usd.
  14. Oh yeah. I hv been depressed looking at the condition of my skin. Im still battling cystic acne. I went to the doc and was prescribed doxycycline n spironolactone. I think spiro medicine are only for women. Anyway after a mth of taking those antibiotic, i still break out. Only different is those cystic are smaller than it used to be. I learned not to pick on it. Let it grow n then let it pop by itself. Usually the cystic on my forehead will pop by itself but not on my cheek. So those c
  15. Hv u ever consider trying taking antibiotic. Minocycline or Doxycycline will help in acne. Its a slow long process but it does help. Im currently on doxy and spironolactone. Talk to ur doctor abt that antibiotic. Military pharmacy hv those medicine. I know that coz im an Air Force wife and went to the doctor for my acne. Good luck.