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  1. will regular vinager work and how do you use it?
  2. Can someone help me get rid of these marks=(
  3. age- 15 gender- male what perecentage- 0.025(combination tretinoin and clindamacyin 1.2%) how severe is acne- mild-moderate where is acne- chin, cheeks, forehead did it work in any way- yes cleared most of my acne but now i got alot of redmarks how long did it take to work- about 2 weeks, i been on it for almost 7 weeks now
  4. Ok i was just wondering if my diet is ok or maybe im getting acne because of it. Morning- Usually eat cheerios with raisins and bananas in rice milk, glass of water, and drink danactiv yogurt. Lunch- Either tuna or ham sandwhich(whole wheat bread), peach,orange, or banana w.e i have home, couple glasses of water. Dinner- Moslty i eat pasta, pork chops, fish(salmon and tilopia), lean meat and its always with like 2 different veggies( broccli, green beans, corn, salad,spinach, potatoes(sweet an
  5. I know you cant use BP with tretinoin so what other spot treatments can i use?
  6. I was just wondering if anyone has taken a multivitamin and make a paste out of it for your redmarks. Since it has all the vitamins in one. I think im going to try this out.
  7. well i got lime disease and it fucked up all my bones and cartilage. so my doc sed now i got jra which sucks. so acne is least of my worrys but i really want it 2 end.
  8. hey i have somewhat of a weird question. So i take this probiotic called culturelle and it contains Lactobacillus GG. I have been taking this for about a year and it helps my digestive system but my acne became its worst around a couple of months ago. I heard that probiotics are good for acne so instead of taking 1 pill daily should i take 2? also has anyone ever takin Enbrel for arthiritis because i was for the past year and my mom thinks that it made me worse because one side effect is that it
  9. Just wondering i looked online and niacin is in many foods. Cant you just eat those certain foods and you will get the same benefits?
  10. Day 48 ok so ive been on ziana for almost 7 weeks andim pleased with my results but not as much as i wanted.my chin is clear but has redmarks, right cheek clear, left cheek a couple of pimples from purging and forehead like 4 pimples but many red marks. im on doryx now hopefully that helps. but any suggestions i can use for red marks?