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  1. you definitely give me SOOO much hope, I haven't try accutane so I should give it a try, I'm so sick & frustrated about acne & always try to hide from everyone, it definitely has ruined my self esteem so this post gives me hope, because of all those anti-accutane comments I wasn't going to give it any chance but I saw your results on your pictures & it could work for me too. So. Thanks At least I still have hope
  2. heeyy :) your skin is flawless how did u get rid of acne & acne scras??? they're diving me crazy :(

    1. I used to have the SAME problem... I was so damn sick of it, now I'm just treting some little acne marks that my acne left Oh BTW... Good luck
    2. I have a friend that has beautiful skin, just flawless, but not ALWAYS
    3. rainshower

      Me ;)

      just mee
    4. yeah By doing nothing (wish means not picking my face, that was difficult) & washing my face & being super hygienic I just got rid of my acne & then I just bought an acne mark fading peel froom neutrogena & that's how I'm getting rid of those ugly scars that my past acne left, thanks God it was very light