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  1. Thanx scubachick. i appreciate the response...its funny that you are speaking of estrogen dominance and self diagnosing. well i just finished trying to call my gyno to write a prescription for muscle relaxers because im off the pill and im scared for my next period to come. but i want to back it up for a min....if i was on birth control(estrogen) pills for my endometriosis in additio (in to my acne problem) and if i am estrogen dominant then why would having extra estrogen via the bc pills cle
  2. Really don't take it the wrong way but im actually excited....excited that you got to the root of your problem......Im glad at least someone did. i spend countless hours on the net trying to figure out if im estrogen dominant which i think is the same this as what you said you were diagnosed with. What led you go get to this? Im interested this because. one i find it to be very hard to get a dr to even take steps further for hormonal explanations for acne. like who did you go to a gyno, and e
  3. thank you deadonfive. i appreciate your insightful input. hum so confusing and i only disagree with you on one minute yet big thing...these blasted doctors they know. the know exactly whats going on they are just extremely ambitious.........that is so sad i have a friend that is a chiropractor and she is telling me that my acne is due to estrogen dominance. idk but know that you made me aware of the natural estrogen i think i might try that. yeah the yaz is like 2/3rds estrogen and one part of
  4. geeze im a college studen so it isn't terrible like i don't eat horrid stuff like fast food. for the most part i healthy foods veggies all that but its just i sometimes skip meals cuz im so so busy. but mine is def think is hormonal
  5. ok i need someone to help me out. i have hormonal acne im convinced. im almost certain i have endometriosis due to the excruciating pain i go through each month and 3.5 months after taking yaz my acne cleared up so obviously im not going to a bonehead derms to treat my acne. frankly they do not study the origin of my acne (hormones) and i think because of so they are so snooty when you ask and seek more effective treatment. Im sorry im venting this is my first post. so long story short Im